Motorcycle (un)Friendly Cities

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    I live in a semi-rural area that is really motorcycle heaven but I commute on my bike to downtown Toronto 5 days a week, a trip of about 70 kms (50 miles for the metrically-challenged) each way. Toronto is an absolute nightmare to ride in and it got me thinking about other cities and what they might be like. Here's my breakdown for the two cities I know best.
    Toronto. Filthy, crowded and seemingly always under construction. Downtown core is a warren of one way streets and no turning signs, all criss-crossed with street car tracks (does any other place have such an antiquated system!?!). Guaranteed to be pestered at every stop by panhandlers. Huge population of recent immigrants, which is fine, but they mostly all drive like they're back home. Problem is, they all have different "back homes", so there's no consistency. One plus: motorcycles can park for free at any metered street spot.
    Montreal. Drivers are fast. Very fast. But 99% of them know what they're doing and they all do it the same way. Streets are old, narrow and in poor repair. French-only road signs can be confusing to those limited to only English. Did I mention they drive fast? Plus. Some of the most beautiful and stylish women this side of Paris but it can be distracting.:D
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    Dude, keep your eyes on the road or you are going to end up meeting the undertaker! :s

    I have never ridden in Canada but hope to someday.
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    Sounds like several cities I've visited here in the States.
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    Your description could be of any large city in North America! They all suffer from the same problems. I enjoy riding in the country and only go into the city when necessary and I am extremly carefull when I do. Just yesterday work took me downtown and twice while riding in the right lane, I was passed on the right by stupid drivers
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    +1 on really any true city in North America. It is just a plain mess for the most part for all the reasons you stated. I travel 50 miles each way, for work, so I know what your are saying. My benfit is that I am leaving a congested area and going to a more rural one to work, but I always have to head home...
    I have been to Toronto (not riding) and I will agree with you. I have not been to Paris to compare but when I would put the fashion, style and beauty of Italian women up in that comparison. I am happily married and have no real complaints, but Italy was the only place that not only my mouth dropped open (literally), but my wife's did as well, when we saw a woman ride a Ducati motorcycle to the Opera House in Rome, in 7" heels and and a little black dress. She was driving. She looked like a model and the way she rode, if she had a puck on her knee and leathers, she would have been dragging it as she cornered. Parked it, hopped off, hung the helmet and strutted into the opera. I will take it to my grave...
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    In one word, Houston, Texas.
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    Lol, sounds like you stumbled on a set for a new 007 movie!

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    the most motorcycle unfriendly city close to me is CHARLESTON, SC Lotts of one way streets yada yada but my biggest comeplaint is EVERY parking lott does not allow motorcycles i'm talking public parking private the works they make sure that no bikers are alowed to park inside the city limits so when planning your next vacation remember this:(
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    I guess I should just sell my bike then! :p

    You sure you haven't done this at all hours of the night on a sport bike - that's what I see most often on my middle of the night drives home from the airport.
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    You have to learn to stay off the freeways, but there are so many backroads that you can take advantage of (but I guess you have to know them and plan your trip accordingly). Bonus: you are on the verge of so many good rides on each edge of town...North: Sam Houston National Forest, South: Galveston and the Gulf Coast, East: Sabine River, Louisiana, West: San Antonio, Texas Hill Country.