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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by toanjo, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. toanjo

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    I'd just like to say thanks to a group of bikers from b-ville NY that helped me out yesterday. I cant say enough how much I appreciate your help.

    A baby-blue hyundai pulled right out in front of me (I had the right of way), I locked up the brakes and came to a skidding halt a few feet before impacting the broad side of the car. I laid the bike down (not by choice). Maybe I could have done something different, maybe not, but thats not why I write.

    Thankfully Im ok, just some bumps and scrapes. Probably 1k damage to the bike.

    Anyways, said group of bikers who were gassing up at a local gas station saw the accident and ran over to help me up, pick up my bike, electrical tape all the broken pieces so they wouldnt flap around, tighten my loose mirror with a wrench, etc, and then they escorted me home (since I didnt have any turn signals afterwards).

    The jerk in car just stood there staring at me while I rolled around on the ground in pain after I had crashed. No compassion at all. You would think that after causing a potentially lethal accident that you would at least go to help out.

    Anyways, many thanks to all the bikers out there that look out for each other. I wont ever forget it.

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  2. kemo

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    I am glad to hear that you will be OK, and will suffer no long term effects. Hope you get your bike fixed up quickly.
  3. HD-Enthusiast

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    Sorry to hear about your mishap...gotta watch those cagers...look you straight in the eye and pull out...like we dont register or something...I guess your insurance will cover damages but I have a stock derby cover you can have for the shipping if not...:cheers :rider
  4. wildspirit97

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    I'm no adjuster, but if thats a dent in the tank you got a lot more the a thousand dollars in damage there.:s Glad your O.K. , and don't forget to check and keep any eye on your fluids after laying it down. and check over your primary case for leaks or hairline cracks.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Glad your okay, the bike can be fixed. Many of us forget that we are cagers too, and have a special knowledge of the motorcycle ethic. It is not a learned experience, but the mistrust they have for motorcyclists IS, especially by those with NO experience as well as many in government making decisions for our ridership every day. Just take the time to promote responsible and righteous motorcyclist...you can change peoples' minds by being an "ambassador" for our sport.
  6. futurerider

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    Glad you are okay!

    The fact that the other riders came to assist you is great and not terribly surprising. There is an unwritten code that makes me feel better when ridding! Its the way people in general should be.

    Helps to offset the "Dirt bag HD biker" thread.

    Again, glad to hear you are okay.
  7. glider

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    Glad you didn't suffer anything worse in the injury department. It hurts to see your pride and joy broken up but soon it will be back to normal again.
  8. cuznjed

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    Glad your OK! and thanks to those bikers that helped you out!!
  9. speedyron

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    I bet the guy from the car was in fear, specialy since the other bikers seen the accident and came to your aid. He knew he done wrong. Hope you didn't get hurt too bad.
  10. Rewind

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    Glad you're ok and the bike is repairable. Did the guy have insurance and did you get a police report?