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    2,500 miles ago I thought I drained my oil. Well I am almost positive I drained the tranny fluid. I say almost because tonight I changed all three holes, and got fluid out of all three holes. Not as much out of the tranny as you would think.

    So, I noticed the tranny had become a bit more noisey in the last 1,500 or so miles, but nothing else.

    Was the little bit (about a quart) of oil enough to prevent any serious damage? Is it likely I've escaped (Edit)?


    I did pull the air filter and there was a little oil there, but it was not leaking/dripping like I would have expected from putting twice as much oil in it.

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    The tranny only holds a quart. Use Spectro for 6 speeds and your trans noise may all but disappear.
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    Your not sure if you drained the tranny. But you got a quart of oil from the tranny. And you put twice as much oil in the crankcase? Are you saying you thought you drained the crankcase 2500 miles ago but you did not and you also installed fresh oil anyway?
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    The tranny holds only a about a liter/quart. If you had drained it and then rode 2500 miles (you wouldn't have gotten 2500 miles) and she would be toast. Secondly if you had added 4 more quarts to your engine then it takes you would have blown out dipstick, puked oil out every orifice and probably hydraulic locked engine as oil would have come up into bottom of cylinders and without a vent method (full of oil) the pistons would not be happy about going down. So.... I would say you didn't do that. My two cents/ :D
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    Before you pick up another spanner get the service manual so that you know what you are doing
    Stabing at it with guess work is not the best way i have been working on cars and motorcycles for many years and harley has been doing things the old way for many years

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    If you dont have a service manual, the owners manual should show the location of the drain plugs torque and refill info:p
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    No way you could get 7 or 8 Qts in without it running out the filler/dipstick hole. I know for sure, don't ask :(
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    Interesting???? Im confused...........:(
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    I am confused to?
    I read it 3 times and dont get it??
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    Some thing is wrong with this post, but what?