Marv won't go to the dealer with me again

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by joel, Mar 14, 2010.

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    I was getting that chopping / cupping wear on the front of my 09 RKC so I set up a appointment at the dealer for last Thursday and being a bit of a ride I asked a friend to go along. I was running late and thought I would just plug in the heated gear where we were to meet up. Well when I got close to Marv's shop he was already sitting on his bike and waiting for me, so not wanting him to think I was one of those guys that was never ready I left the heated gear unplugged as it was only about 45 miles to the dealer and only about 35 degs. out. By the time we got there my fingers were a bit cold, After letting the service writer get the repair order written we went to the showroom and got some coffee, we sat there for awhile talking and decieded to walk arround and check things out, we made our way through the different models and into the front room with the Roadkings and Ultra's. It's been about an hour now and I thout I would see what was up with my bike back in service, Marv had been sitting on a few of the Ultras and thought they felt good, so I told him to see about a trade in value for his Roadking, we were just wasting time anyway and it would give the sales guy somthing to do while I ck'd into my bike, you guessed it, I might as well been at Home Depot, nobody arround, so I went back out to where Marv was, the trade in value (EDIT), he said, I told him to work it, we have some more time to waste, later I went back into service and my bike was ready, I pulled it arround front and came back inside to let Marv know we could go, that he could let the salesman know we were leaving. Well Marv said I should go without him as he was going to be there for a couple more hrs. He ended up trading in his Roadking for the Ultra Classic. He called me later to let me know that going to the dealer with me cost too much.

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    The same thing happend to me I went to my local dealership with my oppo we were just out at work crusing and he fancied a bacon buttie the dealership has a buttie van and we were in the area. I had a sportster at the time. We were chatting with the salesman and before i knew where i was i was on a test ride up the motorway and made the deal later that week i was the owner of a Street Glide my wife wasnt too understanding but she got used to it.:newsmile07:
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    Dang, I did the exact same thing, went in for a tire recall and came out with a new Ultra.
    Tires are real expensive for me....
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    It's always expensive when you visit HD. :bigsmiley11:
  5. Iceman24

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    Most definitely, I never leave the dealership empty handed. The other day I went in for some exhaust gaskets (~$12) & walked-out $355 poorer. Wife says I gotta stop going to the dealer - getting spendy.:newsmile093:
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    Yep, for the most part the salesmen at the dealerships are trained killers when it comes to selling you something you never intended to go home with. It's very dangerous to even begin a conversation with them about the trade value of your current ride or the features you really like on the new models.
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    Heh heh heh.....gotta laugh at this! Not because it's funny and EXPENSIVE, but it also happened to me. Several years ago, I went into town to buy a new bowling ball, came back home with a new truck and NO bowling ball. Then in 2007, went to dealership with neighbours on my sporty to get their bikes inspected and to look around. I also stayed late and came back with my 07 Street Bob. It IS costly. Here I thought I was one of the only ones that did this stuff!

  8. Wayne R

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    Same thing almost happened to me, I was waiting for my bike to be fixed broke down 100 miles away from home took about 5 hours to repair and the dealer fit me in, A beautiful burgandy red ultra looked at it for a while and even talked to the salesman for a little, However reality stepped in when I thought about starting over again with payments, Dealers are bad places to be waiting around aggrevated with a broken bike!!!:newsmile093:
  9. Mainah

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    It's amazing how often things like this happen. About this time last year I took my grandson out to the local shop to pick up some parts for his Kawasaki dirt bike. While he was busy in the parts dept, I was approached by a salesman who asked if he could help me and I mentioned that I had been kind of looking for a used touring bike so we went up and looked around and lo and behold there was an 06 Road Glide with less than 9000 mi on the odo.

    My grandson left with parts for his carb and I made a deal for a new (to me) bike.:newsmile093:

    Best purchase I ever made. :bigsmiley12:
  10. Jack Klarich

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    LOL, I think we all have done this H D thinks it stands for one hundred dollars u must spend on each visit, Jack