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Marrying NEW TSM/TSSM To Bike (password relearn)

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Here is the procedure to marry a new TSM/TSSM to your bike when you install/replace it , otherwise it will not start/run.
( also posted in the alarm section)

Harley ECM Password Learn Procedure

When installing a new ignition(ICM) or ECM on a security-equipped Harley there is a "Password Learn" procedure that must be performed. This applies to all Twin Cam and V-Rod models with factory security but may also apply to Twin Cam's with EFI. The TSM/TSSM and ECM have "learned" passwords that synchronize the control module with several other components. Once you remove a component from this chain the module shuts down and won't start. This is reported to only occur with EFI models but the new 2004 carbureted models demonstrate the same shut-down when changing the ignition module.

Once you have installed the ignition module and reconnected the battery, perform the starting sequence as normal. The engine will cough once in an effort to start but will fail when the module shuts off the fuel.

Special Note: During the Password Learning procedure the ignition will remain in the "On" position for an extended period of time (30+ minutes). While "On", power is supplied to the headlight and running lights thus draining the battery. If the battery charge drops below a certain level during the Password Learn procedure the process will cease and you will have to start over. To avoid this connect a trickle charger to the battery throughout the procedure.


The above steps must be timed and performed exactly as described. Any deviation will require you to start again from step 1.
Re: Marrying NEW TSSM To Bike

Thanks a million.........I hate the fact that they will make you set up the passcode to disable the alarm, (now that's an easy process), but they won't give you this bit of information that would cost us @ $100 and the hassle of loading the bike in the trailer and a trip to the dealership.......They get all my service requirements, but I can read directions and push buttons & turn knobs. Thanks again for your help.

oh ok mate Mr. Data u r the man i brought my streetbob 2007 3months ago had no alarm in it so i brought an alarm installed it myself all good untill i went to start my bike. well need i say more... i signed up to hdtimeline yesterday saw ur info that is not in the manual book went thru the marrying process and bike is all go again just like new. so from here in new zealand i thank u soooo much. u r my hero cheers mate
Glad you got it installed right and you are one of the first to get it to arm and disarm properly without having the dealer marry the FOB to the ECM.
Once Smart Security is installed, is there any way to reverse the proceedure by removing the TSSM and remarring the old TSM? The reason that I ask, is that I do not want to do anything irreversible to my bike by installing the factory security system. There may be a chance down the road that I don't want to deal with the security system.

1. Is it possible to disarm the security, pull the maxi fuse, reinstall and remarry the old TSM to remove the security system without dealer involvment?

2. By removing the TSSM above, do I lose the fob and PIN dealer setups? I'm not sure if the fob and PIN information is flashed onto the TSSM or the ECM.

Thanks for your help!!! It may seem weird, but I want to fully understand the system, and be sure it is reversible, before I install it.
You should be able to remarry the TSM to the bike without the dealer.

Without the TSSM there is no pin number or code as it is a means to disarm the alarm.
Is it safe to assume that when the dealer sets up the PIN, fobs, and enables security, that all this infomation resides on the TSSM? I heard that with cruise control, the dealer needs to enable the ECM for this function to work, and I am not sure that this is the same for security. What role does the ECM play in security?

If the dealer entered PIN and fob information resides on the TSSM rather than the ECM, can it be assumed that this information is flashed within the TSSM's memory for future reinstallation?

I don't know where the info is stored, but I would guess in the ECM if I had to. Maybe the dealer can give you further info here.
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