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  1. softail00

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    I bought a used bike and it was beautiful when I got it except everyone new the bike as Jeff's bike. So I painted it a color that suited me and kinda made it my own just wondering what everyone did big or small that made their bike their own.:eam
  2. T wrecks

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    First thing I did was lower my softail. :s
  3. STEVE07

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    My bike has been mine since the day I bought it.If you changed the color I hope you like the new color better! I think that every upgrade that I do makes my bike a little bit better a a ride,but it doesn't make it any more my bike cause it already was!:D
  4. fin_676

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    on the sportster i added a sissy bar moved the turnsignals to the number plate mount fitted bag rails and throwover bags stripped the laquer off the engine and polished all the engine covers

    wifes sportster fitted larger tank and resprayed the tins purple (refused to do pink as i do the road testing) added sissy bar relocated turn signals added bag rails and throw over bags

    softail made the engine run and the brakes work got it back on the road had been out of use for 7 years added sissy bar bag rails and throw over bags replaced the hand controls carburettor air cleaner slipons

    dyna work in progress added throw over bags mirrors that stayed where put lined up the wheels and belt pulley correctly extended brake pedal made the oil stay in the gearbox and the primary and a lot of other stuff still looks the same but goes properly now

    looking for another set of tins for softail cos i havent used the spray gun for a while

  5. gasbag

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    I looked a long time for a bike. One day I sat on a 2006 Heritage. It was mine from that moment on. I can't even sit on that bike without smiling. Yes, it is used and I will add extras and personalize it a bit but from that first moment I sat on it it was mine. I can't explain it so I won't try. Sort of like when I met my wife, except she doesn't need new tires every few years..............:eam
  6. TCSTD

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    One of the first things that I did to my bike was to put a set of apes on it. My neck and shoulders were bothering me some after riding so I went to taller bars and my neck and shoulders thanked me for it. I didn't like my stock seat, it was vinyl and it gave me monkey butt on a hot day, so on the input of a friend I put a leather seat on it, it solved my monkey butt problem. I also have Iso-grips and they are much better than stock for the size of my hands. My youngest son made a custom sissy bar for me so I would have an old school look to my bike. I don't get in a hurrry when customizing things so that is what I've done for now.

    SPORTY LADY Active Member

    I bought my sporty from a lady at church. It was all stock except the windshield and the se pipes and air cleaner. So needless to say i've been busy. Different pegs, brake pedal cover so it doesn't look like a meat cleaver, luggage rack, universal bag, chrome speedometer cover, ignition cover, live to ride gas cap medallion, live to ride derby and timer covers, chrome primary cover trim, chrome gearcase and sprocket covers, chrome levers, chrome forward controls, locking rigid saddle bags, tour pack, desert dawgs, chrome detachable solo rack, rear signal relocation kit. I think that is it. Looks totally differnt.
  8. Clint

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    I put my butt on it!:D That made it mine........:s

    Alright, I guess I should qualify this a little bit.

    I bought my '93 customized Heritage from a very good friend. We've always had similar tastes and when he told me he was selling it I had to take it for a ride. After riding it a bit, he told me to look around before I made any decissions. There were no other bikes that even came close. It's mine!
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  9. Grammaton

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    It was that check they made me give them before I rode it home.:D

    I painted the air cleaner flat black, new mirrors, V&H slip-ons (finished this a couple of hours ago), lost the reflectors, tool bag on the forks, saddle-bags (Willie and Max because the HD bags won't fit properly). I'm adding a new derby cover and a new timer cover next week (weren't in stock at the dealer).

    I'm looking for a cool fender ornament but haven't found anything I like.
  10. harley@16

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    i bought an FLHT because of the more plain look but didnt like decals for the HD on the tank so i bought street glide emblems and repainted the tank. vivid black is pretty easy to duplicate.