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    I just got my 2012 Triglide back from its 10,000 mile tune up and had to have the brake pads and rotor replaced. I cant afford Lyndall rotors so I went with stock but told the repair shop I wanted Lyndall gold+ pads (this was not a Harley dealer). when I went to go pick it up he said that his distributor told him that I really needed to use HD pads because they are designed to match the new rotors and will work better than mismatching them with Lyndall pads, so he bought the HD pads and put them on instead without telling me. I AM ANNOYED. I try to research everything the best I can but cannot find any science to back up the decision that this was in is in my best interest. Does anyone know of any websites that offer solid evidence that he is correct.
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    The HD"s grab better when new IMO.The Lyndalls are more quiet and less dust.They both are good for between 10000 to 16000 miles.The Triglide is a different animal however,never had to change rotors on any of Mine.2008 Road King 23000 miles.2012 Limited 30000 miles.
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    Harley sent out a service bulletin (M-1339 on 6-12-13) that was very well worded stating "in short" that the metal compound in the rotors of the 2009-2013 trikes was less than sufficient and can cause squeaking. Not a recall, there are not paying for it. but i eventually found it is too embarrassing to use the breaks because it squeak was so bad I think because the grooves in the rotor got so deep. Right now I am not very fond of HD breaks, but if it is a one time deal I am forgiving.
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    Been using Lyndall's on my stock rotors for multiple sets of pads. No issue out of the norm for me. I will continue to use them too. Not sure if the fact its a Triglide would make a difference or not though.....
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    Your mechanic did you a disservice. You specified Lyndall Gold pads, and he went with some parts clerks opinion instead of your request. He should have discussed it with you. I use and like Lyndall pads, but don't claim to know more than the unknown "distributor".
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    You gave him specific instructions. Anything different, he should have called you. Period.
    And with that info you might have looked for a aftermarket rotor also.
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    My brakes squeaked on My 2008 Road King until Lyndall pads were installed.Brakes squeaked on 2012 Limited form day 1 till the day that I traded.I tried Kevlar,still squeaked,Lyndall,still squeaked,ceramic,still squeaked.I was convinced that rotors were the problem,but never got a confirmation.Your information makes Me think that They had issues with all rotors during that timeframe.
    Good news for Me is 2014 brakes don't squeak!Hope Your brakes don't squeak again.When You spend big bucks for a new Motorcycle,it shouldn't sound like a garbage truck when You hit the brakes.

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    IF there is a money difference of the Gold to what was installed...

    I would want them to put the gold in and if a few $$ more ? pay the difference and all is good.

    They should EAT the labor to do what you asked them to do in the first place and the parts cost difference should go Either way Money out of your wallet OR Back In...:D

    That is How I see it.

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    IMO, they should have called you to let you know ahead of time so you could say yes or no, IMO you did not get what you paud for
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    What was wrong with the original rotor was it warped or worn out of spec if it was 10,000 miles it is a very poor life for a rotor
    Sometimes correctly matching the pads to the rotors is the best thing to do otherwise if there is a problem you would take the trike back to where they were fitted warranty may require specific pads to be fitted