LOUD PIPES Here it comes guys.

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by dbmg, Sep 13, 2010.

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    Its not just the bike noise its everywhere and everything , guns , hunting , taxes, public schools, the way we take care of our elderly,the list gose on and on . my question is if they cant run the gov ( thier jobs) with out bankrupting every institution, where do they get off running our LIVES, HOMES, and OUR MONEY????If we dont start standing up for what you believe in AND MAKING YOUR VOICE HEARD the gov is going to be in your living room NEXT!!! jmho STATED LOUDLY!
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    Just imagine how many jobs could be lost...who is going to spend $$$ for pipes,mufflers that are going to sound the same, or a vacuum as they put it.
    All you would be paying for is the look and logo??

    Once they win, in one area, it will spread like wildfire.

    I know i matured, and quieted down..., just not to quiet :s
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    Remember to vote 2010 and 2012.

    From the article..."If passed, motorcycles would be required to bear the proper U.S. Environmental Protection Agency label certifying that the exhaust system is clean burning and does not exceed 80 decibels — about the same as a vacuum cleaner."

    I don't want to ride a Hoover Davidson!
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    Do you guys know who is head honcho of the EPA currently? Any idea the cut of cloth type people have been placed in various organizations within the Federal government? Folks who wanted a radical running the country - sure got it and more. People get the government they deserve. You don't care...this is what you get.
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    The stock pipes on my 2010 FXDC were 84db, and I replaced them because you could barley hear them. Loud pipes (not obnoxious) are a safety issue to help drivers hear you, since many do not even bother looking when they make lane changes!
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    It’s amassing WE the people are getting forced into a fight,
    Most of us just what to go to work make enough money to buy the things we what. And Enjoy life. But we have this group off people that don’t know how to live, setting around making up new laws. And we are paying their wage. :bigsmiley29: WE have to find away to get the government Cut back to what they were hired to do. Look at what is happing in Cuba.
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    Will the government pay to buy and put the stock pipes on my bike?

    I don't agree with motorcyclist revving their engines but come on. I wish people would just leave me alone.
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    OH OH, here we go again, we all knew it could not last we got to ask ourselves whats next and are we going to take it or support Abate and other Biker rights and get out the VOTE Caps intended:p