Looking for new seat suggestions...

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by CharlieDuuude, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. CharlieDuuude

    CharlieDuuude New Member

    Just bought an '09 EGS. The stock seat keeps me from putting my feel flat on the ground. I'm one of the vertically challenged riders. 5'6" with a 29' inseam.
    Looking for something that will lower me and still be comfortable on a long ride.
    Any suggestions?

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Welcome CD to HDTimeline, there is a lot of information, self help and search tab utilities are located at the top of the page to help you. Most of us "vertically challenged" riders look at samples in the HD Part and Accessories catalog, and the "Reach" seat (which is slightly narrower) and adjust the handlebars/controls to suit. Of course they are more than "--hunerd dollars" but then HD iriders usually make their rides their own anyway...:D
  3. B-1B_Guy

    B-1B_Guy Junior Member

    I'm 5'9 and added the Reach seat & pullback bars. Great combination.
  4. DavHJ

    DavHJ Member

    I'm 5' 4" with a 28" inseam I know your pain.
    I put a Mustang seat, it's narrower at the front and I sit flat footed now and it is comfortable.
  5. Slapp

    Slapp Junior Member

    Lets face it if you breed midgets you get midgets! I come from a family of 12, I have 11 brothers and sisters, I am a twin and I am the tallest of them all at 5'5", with a 29 inch in seam. My recent purchase of an 09 Electra glide standard included a Burley Slam Kit with Harley's reach seat, this bike is now perfect. I sit both feet flat footed on the ground. I have had this bike about two months now and have 3200 miles and it rides like a dream, and I really take into the turns, rides great. The Misses really likes the comfort of the seat as well.
  6. Tboehle

    Tboehle Member

    I have an '09 ultra and added shorter air shocks and a reach seat. At 5'6" I could still use a little more but can flat foot at all most all stops. The road has to be leaning hard for me to not get both feet down but it only takes once.
  7. CharlieDuuude

    CharlieDuuude New Member

    Thanks for all the replies! I'm leaning towards the Reach seat for right now.

    Does the Sundowner Deep Bucket seat actually lower you any? I've read where it lifts you instead of lowering you.

    Found a sight online.....Bar Enterprise. They do custom seats for Harley's. Might be something to look at later. Their Hitch hiker Pillow seat looks nice.

  8. Jim B.

    Jim B. Junior Member

    I'm 5'11" but have a 29 inch inseam. I didn't know that I had short legs until I started to ride a motorcycle. I was also thinking about the reach seat to replace the seat on my 09 Road Glide. However, I went with the sundowner because it was more comfortable than the reach seat and I'm riding 1500 miles to Sturgis in 2 weeks. I found that the sundowner moved me a little lower and a little closer to the bars, probably 1/2 to 1 inch. Not a big difference and still can't get my feet totally flat on the ground but enough of a change when combined with the comfort factor to make the choice.
  9. y2kflhr

    y2kflhr Active Member

    I am also vertically challenged, 5'7" with an 09 Ultra I had footing problems, I didn't want to mess with the suspension, or spend 300 on a seat I might not like, I found meancitycycles, sent them my seat and for 100 they put memory foam in and narrowed the nose, I have 8k on the bike and I am happy with the seat so far, 3500 miles in a week, they only complaint I have is that with a corbin or a mustang you get leather which breathes better than the vinyl you get with an hd seat.
  10. FLHXPorter

    FLHXPorter Member

    OK...I'll come out of hiding since everyone else did. I'm 5'8" tall and a 30" inseam. New 09 SG and that seat is so wide and tall that it's really uncomfrotable to sit stopped long. Anyone knows of a way to get a narower and lower one thats not $600 bucks let me know. I like the Lepera line but I'm not that well off!