Looking for a new bike for wife...

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by rick1062, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. rick1062

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    My wife has an 02 Dyna Low Rider. She has put 40k plus miles on it. But now she is having troubles with back pain on rides of 200 miles or more. So, I am looking for an easier ride for her.

    Some have said a Heritage Softail would be good, but others have said that the Dyna she is on would have a better ride than a Softail. I need some more help on this issue. We have also talked about one of the touring bikes, maybe a Road Glide, but she is only 5' 5" and we would need to address that. And there is the added weight of a touring bike. I am hoping for suggestions form people who have been through this, or have some good advice on the subject.

    Thanks in advance as always.
  2. Breeze3at

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    If she is basically happy with the Dyna, I'd stay with it. Try to find out what/why is causing the back pain and change it. Handlebars or risers will change her spine angle. A back rest and/or highway pegs will give an alternate position. Change shock preload. A seat change may help. Lots of variables come into play with back problems. Keeping the Dyna and making it fit her perfectly should be lots cheaper than buying another bike that may not help her comfort. But buying new bikes is a lot of FUN. :bigsmiley23:
  3. HDDon

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    I agree that the first thing you need to address is why she is having back pain. As I get older just reaching for the bars on a buddies RK caused shoulder and back pain after a few miles. Seats break down after a few years and change how you sit and can change the distance you have to reach for the bars, or how your legs and feet have to strech further for the pegs. Have your wife take a few demo rides on different models and see if they fit her. She may be surprised how just changing the seat and bars will make her current bike feel like a new one. One other thing you might look into are new rear shocks and front fork springs with new fluid.
  4. Charlies Harley

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    There is some deals on the 2011's right now, good time to take the plunge. The wife just stepped up from the 750 shadow to a 2011 Heritage and all seems good. Maybe take one for a test drive or rent one for the day.
  5. fatbryan

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    Does she have a windshield on her dyna? it will help
  6. dbmg

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    Above posts have great advice. And are spot on. It may just be a simple fix. You did not mention if bike has forward controls or not. Before you do anything turn bars closer to her and see if that helps.
    This may help also. Click on link: Seat with Adjustable Rider Backrest | Harley-Davidson USA

    Keep in ming that a new bike is a whole nother dynamic.
  7. Ultra Classic

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    If you haven't tried a backrest you are definetly missing out. I have back issues and a backrest with a better seat solved my problem. IMO
  8. Redfish-Joe

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    Try a Deluxe. A little lower in the saddle than the Heritage.
  9. rick1062

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    Good advice, and I appreciateit, but we have been down all of the easy roads. Several seats, backrest, risers, handlebars. The bike has mid controls, but she has froward pegs for a position change. The bike does have a windshield, and we have tried a couple of others.

    She really does not want to give up riding.
  10. dbmg

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    Sound like you answered your question.....Time to go shopping.:)