Longest time gone without an oil change

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by BuffaloBill, Jun 2, 2011.

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    Hey Guys

    Not trying to make excuses but When I 1st got my RK I changed the fluids at 100, 500 and 1500miles. Then I had issues come up where I would try to set time up for changing the fluids and never got around to it . This past weekend I looked at the odometer and it was at 8100 miles Changed all 3 fluids immediately. I use Amsoil for engine Spectra for tranny and Formula+ for primary.
    Bike still runs great but in the back of my mind I hope all is good mechanicaly

    Anyone else laps on there fluid change?:(

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    BuffaloBill, I’m not a mechanic, but I’ll give you my humble opinion based on a similar situation. In July ’06 I rode my softail deuce from Richmond, VA to Vernal, UT. I took a few detours along the way and by the time I got to Gillette, WY on the way home I needed an oil change as I had gone exactly 5000 miles since the last one. I saw a Harley dealership from the interstate and thought my timing was perfect. Unfortunately it was Monday and they were closed on Mondays. By the time I got home, I had gone almost two thousand miles beyond needing an oil change. Now, almost five years later, the deuce still runs like a Swiss watch. You should have had an oil change 1,600 miles ago, but I would be surprised if this lapse will prove to be catastrophic. You didn’t say how long ago your 1,500 mile fluid change was done, so I can only wonder if your bike has been through multiple winters with extreme temperature variations. If it hasn’t, I’m guessing you will be fine.
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    I've gone 10,000 miles on the bike without thinking about it. I'll wager you could get by with 30,000 with this link. Blackstone Labs

    Motor companies do not do their own oil testing and rely on the oil companies to tell them how frequent to change. Think there might be a bias as to mileage? Although it may look black, the lubrication properties are still good. Long haul truckers have been going a long time in between changes with just testing.
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    Most of the problems would be caused when the engine was not at optimum temperature during warm up and when really hot so there is more chance of the oil failing to perform well during short around town journeys
    if most of the mileage was done on the highway then i wouldnt see a problem

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    I have two friends that ROUTINELY change oil @ 10,000 miles. They use Mobil1 15-50 (not v-twin). No mechanical problems out of the ordinary, and bike mileage as high as 97K . They did replace cams with gear drives at aprox. 30k miles on an '01 and '03. They both often ride to work less than 10 miles one way. That's them. I'm antsy to change my Mobil1 v-twin oil at 3,500 miles, and won't ride the bike if I'm not going far enough to get the oil to full operating temp.
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    I've gone way over on long road trips. Engine is purring away at running temp and oil is only a few weeks old. It still looks good when it is changed. Modern syn oils can protect a lot longer than we think. Just ride and enjoy.
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    I'm a real stickler when it comes to oil changes, I feel why gamble with a several thousand dollar precision machine (engine, transmission,) It's my quirk... I have a very detail maintenance record and when it comes to the engine oil I make a label & post it in my luggage bag I use most often to be sure I don't go over on the mileage. You see I enjoy not only riding, but servicing my machines also. Don't get me wrong... I don't change oils every 1000 miles, but I do have in mind what I feel is a safe service factor on the oils I'm considering, and I do use FULL synthetic, there is a difference. In my earlier days I worked in a remanufacturing facility for Ford Motor Co and it was very obvious which engines were taken care of. In my opinion an oil change is the best, cheapest insurance policy for the life of a product. :D
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    Two major problems that we try to combat by changing the engine oil:

    • Oil breakdown (lubricating properties)
    • Contamination
    For the former, heat (high) is the bad guy. Temps over 250*F are hard on the oil particularly if experienced for an extended time period.

    For the latter, particulate material (dust, soot, etc.) that gets into the oil as contaminates can be carried by the oil to the very parts of the engine we are trying to protect and lubricate. These then act as abrasives accelerating wear.

    But another contaminate that is perhaps more damaging is condensing water (from the humidity in the air). Condensing water is fresh, and unfortunately combines with combustion by-products to produce acids. Not too bueno for the materials the engine is made from. That is why short hauls that do not warm the engine (and especially the oil in the reservoir) are tough on the engine. Need that heat to drive off the water. Yes, oils have additives to neutralize these acids, but it is a fixed amount, and is used up as it does so.

    So if you do not have an engine lube oil analysis service that you send samples to at least once/month religiously, change your oil frequently!!

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    IMO I would flush the oil tank next oil change and not worry any more:s
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    HEY talk about a Likeness,,,,,,,, I backed out of a rides with a group when they wanted to go here AND STOP THERE and party over here.

    I get on MY bike and RIDE.. That is what I live for; THE RIDE.

    It is hard to get me to stop until i (we) need or the bike needs...

    6 gal tank is bigger than my tank...

    Another pet peeve;

    I really have a hard time with a few I know who start their bikes Just to rev cold engines to show off their pipes, shutting them down until next show comes around..

    You can tell from this POST and OTHERS I have made on this forum I might be a nice enough guy (my patting my back) BUT A LOONER by choice....EH

    Ride Means RIDE