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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Locke, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Locke

    Locke Member

    63 degrees and sunny yesterday. Managed to put 200 miles on my EGC. Yea I know, not much compared to some of you, but it was the first time since buying the bike that I had good weather and time to myself. Got to experience some of the things I've been reading about.

    chain slapping sound, but at low idle high gear, motor just loping. easy fix

    twice while at stop lights, from neutral would not go into 1st gear. changing fluids tomorrow will check clutch adjustment and linkage

    Sometimes I hear a scrapping or light grinding sound from the front end when in a slight lean to left. may pull and ck front wheel bearings. Thoughts?

    None of the above could spoil the fun I had on the bike though. Sunny and warming to 60 again today. May need to do some more road investigation.
  2. Davidw2415

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    Good for you. I remember when I took my first 200 mile ride. It was not long after I got my bike. It was a cold day with a high of about 40. I was off work that day the popped out about 11 am so I thought I would bundle up and go for a short ride around the neighborhood. Up to that point I probably hadn't gone more than 30or 40 miles at a time. Well before long I ended up on a highway, then another highway and then another. and and before long it was going on 3 pm and I had ridden about 250 miles. Time really does fly when your having fun; on a Harley. :D
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    Sometimes I think we all get too caught up in how many miles we're putting on our bikes or doing in a day. I read stuff all the time bragging about how many thousands of miles someone did in a week or how they can ride 500 or 600 miles in a day, no problem. Must be a motorcycle thing since I never hear similar stories about trips on 4 wheels.

    The most important thing, whether you ride 10 miles or 1000, is if you enjoyed your time on the bike. Whether you ride every day to work and back or hundreds of miles on the weekends - same question - did you enjoy yourself?

    I often get just as much pleasure out of a 20 minute run up to the high school parking lot to practice stuff as I do a 4 hour day up in the north Georgia mountains. Maybe I'm weird!
  4. larryjmiller

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    Stop the RAIN!

    I'm going nutz, been raining for 3 whole days and I refuse to get my neatly (recently) Pledged HOG wet!

    I just checked wearher.com and it's supposed to be sunny for Saturday's ride...whew!
  5. Locke

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    I guess millage was just another way of telling time, could have said six hours. Five on the bike. In a car/truck I'm all about getting there, don't enjoy driving. Different on the bike, don't care where I'm going just that I'm going.

    Yesterdays trip was long enough for me to relax listen to the bike and play a little while riding. Oh yeah, and a lot of fun!
  6. bikerdad

    bikerdad Junior Member

    Everyone seems to agree on this one. It is nice to ride regardless of the miles.
  7. kyhdman

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    i agree with dr. and richard not about miles to me. have no desire to ride 11 or 1200 mile in a day or two. im trailering my bike to thunder on beach in april and i will ride when i get there.love the atmosphere of the rallies but dont want to be tired and wore out when i get there.to each his on but i have to work to hard at my job so i dont want it to be work while riding.would i play another round of golf if i had to walk,heck no.would i fish another time if i had to skull the boat to bass fish, heck no. thats all work to me.the things i listed above are enjoyment
  8. krazy3

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    Wish I could go for a ride :( We have freezing rain today
  9. jaceddie

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    63 sounds great. We might get up to that by May the way the weather been here this winter.:D
  10. Joyflyin

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    Global warming. :D