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Long Trip Seat Comfort


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Using the 07 FLHT stock seat. Suffering from numb butt. Looked at all the threads pertaining to seats and it lists Corbin, Musatang, Sundowner etc. and such. I'm kinda hestitant to buy a seat online and fine out it doesn't do the job. Went to the dealer and they have a sheep skin gel pack for a couple of hundred bucks, has anyone used these and how did it work out. Willing to waste a few hundred and find out it didn't work than waste 4 or 5 hundred on a seat that doesn't work.

Everyone that rides touring bikes what do you like, remember I ride two up for long distances and if she isn't happy I won't be happy.
I have a Mustang touring seat for my fatboy, keywest and back is 3600 round trip for us, seat is great.
If it were mine,,, I'd get Allen at Meancycle put the 5lb memory foam in there,, she'll fall asleep on the back then. (866-550-7328). My solo seat has a June 9 appt. for Allen to work on. :coffee
My wife and I use these...they are unbelievable. We rode: 1 day 809 miles. Of course we're a bit crazy...but our butts weren't sore at all...I did upgrade grade the seat on my Road King...but I believe this was more of a reason than the upgraded..What the greatest part about these seats it will keep your crotch dry ( Hope I can say that ) and I don't understand but it does. Give a look...and ask others here to see if they have tried the "Air Rider" products..oh we have the gel w/ memory foam...a bit pricey but honestly worth every penny.Here's the link.

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Yep thats kinda where I'm leaning right now with the gel pad, thanks Fourdogs.

One thing..not all gel pads are created equally. My wife borrowed a Gel pad with the sheepskin covering..and I feel bad coz I don't remember the manufacture. She hated it she said " it was extremely be careful. What we did was try a few different ones caused friends had different ones so we were kinda lucky. Thats how we discovered "Air Rider"..I believe they have a money back satisfaction guarantee...something like 30 days. If your not satisfied you can return them ( I Think )...I wish you had someone near you so you could try them...anyway...try first if at all possible.
I bought a gel pad in sheepskin early last year for the same reason. It give me about a extra 30 minutes before rear end pain. The waterproof liner inside started to fall apart after late in the year so it is only a short term solution. I seemed to fidget with the placement under me a lot trying to find the just right position but never could.

Bought a road zepplin seat which so far seems to be great, Longest trip to date is a hour and a half with the new seat.

I waited till the dealers had 20% off before buying, took a little sting out of the price.
I've never tried a gel pad. Another post said they tend to hold in heat
during the hot months and are like blocks of ice in the winter ?? May have
been trying to steer purchases toward another product :s
I got an AirHawk pad and , if I can ever talk my wife out of it , it has helped
a great deal . It's way over priced but I actually feel like it is worth it. Sure,
the end of my spine still gets uncomfortable after 1 1/2 - 2 hours of
riding but it does the same thing in my car.
I just added a pillow top king and queen on my roadking and the wife and I love it no more butt pain.
I swapped my stock Ultra Classic seat for a Mustang Ultra seat. I like the fact that the Mustang seat allows you to still use the HD adjustable backrest.