Lock your doors !!!!!!!

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    had a guy walk into my house today while I was working down stairs . he had a kid with him and when I confront him he acted like he lives here. got him out & called the police gave them plate & car info. couple of hours later officer shows up for statement & tells me they got him. the guy was out to lunch because he left his coat behind with cell phone & what looked like drugs in the pocket.
    now we don`t have guns up here , & don`t think I could have shot him anyways but it sure put a scare into me .I have a auto repair shop down stairs & live up stairs & guy only made it inside the door but it was enough. so lock your doors even if you are only 27 steps away.
  2. Gold4484

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    That's pretty scary garvin! Glad everything turned out OK.

  3. Jack Klarich

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    Wow, that really hits home, Glad you and your family were not hurt, more reason to get gun laws fixed so you can defend your home and business
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    Glad it wasn't worse.
    That happens quite a bit in the city of Winnipeg during the summer. Thieves would watch to see the homeowner working in the backyard then go in the front door and steal whatever they could carry.

    Glad I live in the country but you never know where and when a thief will show.
  5. horizonchaser

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    Right on, Jack! Like he said, he didn't know if he would have shot them, but if he had to he would at least have that option if necessary!
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    From the movie " open range'
    Boss Spearman: Man's got a right to protect his property and his life, and we ain't lettin' no rancher or his lawman take either.

    I've gone 62 years having never hurt anyone or anything. I've lived my life as a gentle man and a gentleman. That said, I'm armed to the teeth and would do my best to protect myself, my family, and my property if accosted. From the OP, it didn't sound like the intruder was threatening and that's a good thing. I believe I would have done as he did but I would have done it with my firearm at the ready.
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    Where you live you may still have some resemblance of the old days. But where I live it has been the case for some time to keep your doors locked. You don't even go into a convenience store without locking your car.

    We have drug freaks doing home invasions down here. They litterally bust the door in. They work in pairs looking for quick cash or a 38 caliper ticket to meet their maker. They are so crazy they don't seem to care which. We've had 6 LEO's killed in the line of duty just in the Central Florida area this year.

    The world ain't like it used to be when I was younger.
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    When we're home we don't think about the doors. If they're locked OK, if not OK. Maybe we should be more careful.
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    I may be paranoid, but I keep the doors locked up tight, especially when hubby isn't home. He questions me sometimes but I just point out to him that I'm not 6'4", 240 lbs, and hairy......His response is 'it's a good thing because if you were, I wouldn't have married you". :D

    But I do keep the doors locked. :s
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    Me too....You can't assume that folks are in their right mind. But I was concerned about the guys Kid....glad the OP called the cops...that Kid will appreciate it.