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Discussion in 'South East' started by garlab1, Apr 11, 2010.

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    Just recieved a letter in the mail said Bruce Rossmeyer Harley in Pompano is closing, all their bikes ans services will now be provided by their Ft. Lauderdale store, letter said due to the ecnomic times they had to close the store.

    Anyone else out there seeing their local Harley closing? maybe now is a good time to buy a bike, might be able to get some good deals, really like the Road Glide.

    I talked to 2 different dealers, they both said they are not where they want to be, but they are busy, even with sales
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    With times like they are now, The H.D. dealerships are a lot nicer than before, you can almost get some help when you go in there..I went to about 5 differnt shops before I bought mine,and was asking questions and crunching the numbers, I was going to buy a bike just not that day but real soon and did buy one,, if I wasn't buying that day all but one place didn't even want to talk to me. They only wanted to sell, not help you get ready to buy,almost being rude,One place told me to come back when I was going to buy a bike and then we would talk,, I went back alright to show him my new bike that he didn't get the sell on..H.D Paris ,Texas where super nice and was willing to help any way they could ,even knowing I wasn't going to buy that day,even going out of the way to hook me up with a local bank,and saved alot of $$$ that way.........................
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    None of the dealers near me has closed. Must be making enough on parts and service for the thousands and thousands of bikes sold in years past to stay afloat.

    As far as getting a good deal on a bike because a particular dealer is closing - I wouldn't count on it. Especially one like you describe that is part of a larger network under a single owner. They'll simply move the inventory to one or more of their other stores.
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    My local dealer is going down the tubes as I type this. They have closed on Sunday and Monday's. It like a ghost town inside. Nice big NEW building though. Word has it they have filed for chapter "whatever". No deals on bikes either. If it goes under they just truck the bikes to the next dealer who has business. Hopefully somebody else would take it over because it would be a great place for a HD Dealership.
    It maybe just my perception but having visited multiple dealerships in many states across the Southeast. It seems to me Florida's dealerships are less busy than most others. Maybe its because every town has a Dealership, I dont know.

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    Bodeen what dealership is this?
  6. Jack Klarich

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    Bike sales are weak here in Jax. Florida. We have 3 dealers all owned by the same family, dont know how they do it, great service dept., wondering Bodeen what Dealer are you talking about, Jack
  7. Hoople

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    It sure seems that way. Metric dealers look slow, cage dealerships look slow also. But go to a pricey restaurant and there is a waiting list to sit down. You would think money was falling out of the sky. Got me.
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    I think there are circumstances beyond the economy that are affecting Bruce's dealerships. He was the driving force, and now he's gone.
  9. Jack Klarich

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    You may be on to some thing here, I got a letter from his wife, I think it was his wife offering me 20.00 to apraise my bike. They said they needed good used bikes for resale HMMMMM i didnt do it but I did buy a 02 superglide at the original Daytona Shop in 03 maybe why I am in there data base
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    I'm a little late with my input here, but Shreveport HD consolidated with Bossier City HD earlier this year. They're owned by the same guys, and it was reported the merger was due to the economy. My husband and I bought both of our bikes from Shreveport last year and this news made us pretty sad. We had met some very nice and helpful folks at the Shreveport store.......When visiting Eastern Shore HD in Daphne, AL a couple of weeks ago, we were told that their dealership had received the bikes from Shreveport. Wonder why Bossier City didn't get them????