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License and Registration, Please.


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I've only heard that once, 125 in a 55,, my bad. But there must be some ingenious places where you keep your registration and insurance papers. Mine are rolled up in a aluminum cigar tube, keep it in my leather or drop it in my quick release bag. My bike changes almost daily, from solo to two, windscreen, no wind screen,,so a clean on bike solution has not manifested. I've seen the 100 dollar aluminum tubes, but I'm cheaper than that. So what is your creative solution and if it's really slick toss in a pic for the crowd.
Curious on other ideas here too. I keep mine in a plastic folder, in a zip lock bag, stuffed in the tool pouch I carry on the lower front part of the frame. It seems to hold up okay for the most part, I've been caught in a couple of pretty heavy rains, and when I change them for the new year, the old ones seem to be in okay shape. Fortunately, I haven't really needed them for anything else and I hope I never do.
Well I am so very creative...I put mine in the Harley canvas the ride hand saddle....Now is that clever are what! ?.....:D :D :D..Yeah Yeah I know I'm such a smart "A".....
The real one in my wallet and a copy in a lock pouch mounted in the bag in case I forget my wallet.

They also have stash tubes that mount to the plate frame too.
I discovered that sometimes I have to tighten some things up, my bike is a little loud and I almost lost a passenger footpeg once.....:D I can't help it, I bought the bike that way, could be obnoxious if I wanted to. Besides, the best way not to need tools for me is to carry them!
Here's my tool "pouch",

I've seen the down tube aluminium ones but at about 100 bucks and security at a minimum, like I say, I'm cheaper than that. :)