Leave the Passenger Grab Strap Off?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Dr. Dolittle, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. Dr. Dolittle

    Dr. Dolittle Experienced Member Contributor Retired Moderators

    The passenger strap makes it a real pain to get the thicker Sundowner seat on and off. When my wife rides with me, she has the passenger backrest to lean on and she just hangs on to my love handles, not the strap. Any problem with leaving this strap off? In other words, does it serve any function in actually holding the seat in place or making it more stable?
  2. UglyJohn

    UglyJohn Active Member

    I think you said it all right there! Having a seat stay in place and/or making it more stable is good enough in my book. Especially if I have my wife on the back. :D
  3. brderj

    brderj Active Member

    My daughter LOVES that strap. The very first time we rode together I asked if she was scared and she said she wasn't, but she was concerned how the bike would stay up and how she was going to hold on. I told her that the whole basis of a motorcycle was a lot like a horse (she loves horses) and she could just hold on tight to me, or she could hold on to that strap. Well, the first few hundred miles (not at once, but over time) she was glued to me. Then she backed off and enjoyed the ride more and more. At the end she was holding on to that strap like she was riding a horse, leaning against the back rest with her helmet and shades on. She looked like a seven year old tough girl, lol

    I know that doesnt help you, but I would leave my strap on just for the simple fact it makes me smile every time I see it. :D
  4. doc_63

    doc_63 Active Member

    I always take mine off. They're ugly and serve no purpose for us solo riders. I have one if anyone wants it.
  5. threesteps

    threesteps Junior Member

    Had the same problem when I bought a sundowner so my wife would be more comfortable. Took the strap of right away. I can't tell any difference in the stability of the seat without it. :newsmile106:
  6. 01dynaglide

    01dynaglide Junior Member

    I still have the one on my bike for one reason only. I do not like saddle bags on my bike so I have a bookbag that i can attach to the back rest and sissy bar. i always set it on the seeat and it gives me something to lean against. My bag has a strap on it that I can loop around the passenger strap to help keep it in place and it works like a charm. I can pak so much crap in the little bag I think I could be Santa in my spare time.
  7. walleye

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    I was told by a HD dealership that you can remove it, but they are part of the safety spec required. No big deal unless you cross international borders or have required inspections. He knew someone who was refused into Cananda with out it and the rider was solo. The border crew would not allow in as it was a modified safety issue. He suggested if you are making the trip to install it or keep it with the bike in case it is needed. Hope this helps.
  8. STEVE07

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    Remove it,then if you want handles you can get the chrome ones that come out from beside the seat like they had on the 05:s
  9. Dr. Dolittle

    Dr. Dolittle Experienced Member Contributor Retired Moderators

    Absolutely unbelieveable! I hope I remember to throw them into the saddlebags if I ever head for Canada.

    I've seen these and I like them - add it to my "bling" list!
  10. Bud White

    Bud White Well-Known Member Retired Moderators

    makes seat harder to steal is only reason i see it there