Kids touching while folks stand by?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by SC-roadking, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. SC-roadking

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    This is one I can't believe. While at a restaurant I like to sit so I can keep an eye on the scoot. Noticed a family walking out and the parents were not paying attention to the little ones. Next thing I saw was a little guy applying throttle, hands all over the tank & seat. Darn near broke by neck, getting out the door to have a talk with the mom in charge. Explained on safety issues (hot, heavy & inappropriate to touch others property). Anyone else had this happen to them?:newsmile040:
  2. SixPak

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    Never had it happen to me .Yet. But I can gaurantee I'd be pretty upset and would not be very nice when I speak to the parent.
  3. Lowboy

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    Not with my bike - yet. But I did have some kids playing with the propeller on my airplane at the airport. Mom and dad just stood there. Not too tactful. Thoughts of hamburger flashed through my brain while I made a mad dash out of the terminal and onto the flight line. Mom and dad still just stood there.

    Anybody still wondering what happened to this new generation????

    (I think mom and dad are still standing there.)
  4. Skratch

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    Was in the same boat...sitting in a restaurant and a family with a couple small kids were leaving the restaurant, their car parked right next to my Heritage.

    Dad thought it would be cool to sit his 2 yr old kids on my bike while I'm sitting there watching it out the window.

    I think he got the idea that wasn't cool with the intense pounding on the window wagging my finger at him.

    Kids are one thing...they don't know any better. But a dad thinking its cool to put his kids on some stranger's bike?

    Thats buffoonery.
  5. gamspaugh

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    Even as a adult (48 too be 49 ) I still like to turn knobs and flip switches I was looking a a new Rocker when I put my hand on the seat very lightly, It was just enough to cause the bike to shift on its Jiffy stand and scared the you know what out of me Another lesson learned :) must be my ADD lol
  6. ultrat

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    Its hot * + heavy.... children inquisitive,,But parents should be in charge of them..
  7. Billbo

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    Very well said Richard - you seem to emit a lot of good common sense as well as sensitivity. My wife says to me a lot "dont sweat the small stuff" and I have used that line on here before -- I even add "and all stuff is small stuff".

  8. Porter

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    ".....have a talk with the mom in charge."

    I think that was the real point: mom wasn't in charge.
    I know that there could be a variety of reasons why she wasn't paying attention and I am not blaming the kids.(if they were too young to know or had never been taught to respect other's property) This could be "small stuff" not to really worry about but it could also be the reinforcement of some really bad behavior that could really get someone in trouble down the road.

    I'd like to think that maybe you taught the kids a lesson by trying to teach mom that least someone was being a parent...
  9. Apyle

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    Yeah, we had just come off the freeway after about 100 mile ride and stopped in a small roadside park. I no more than got off the bike and this guys kid was inches away from grabbing a hot exhaust pipe. I got the kid stopped before he burned himself. I guess the bad part was the kid was old enough to know better. The thing the irked me the most was the dad looked at me like "What"?
  10. caseyleiser

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    I,ll lift them onto the seat if the parents say okay, but warn them about all the hot parts, might save the kids a nasty burn next time.