K&P reusable oil filter

Discussion in 'Oil' started by FAT_BOY_06, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. FAT_BOY_06

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    ok been looking at these k&p oil fliters for awhile now anyone use them if so whats the ups and downs about them good idea or stay away from them also like the fact that they double as a oil cooler.
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    Most new cars are going to cartridge type filters, this may be here to stay:s
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    I have one from my GW days. To me its more of a mess to clean them and such. I would rather just get a new one and toss the old one. I have the S1 still in the box asking $100.00 for it . Fits a bunch of different bikes. You can check the site listed above for the fitment.
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    This subject comes up here from time-to-time. I personally feel that you are miles ahead buying the OEM filter on-line at a discount. That way, every 3K-4K miles, you can just throw the filter and all it has collected away and replace it with a brand-spankin' new one. And with the TCs, you want a filter rated down to 5 microns. Piston cooling jets is the worry.

    So my suggestion is: skip it. Stick with the OEM filter.

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    My question is why???????
    OE all the way...
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    I just had an OE filter fail just last week. The rubber failed and began pouring oil from in between the metal rim and where the rubber sets in the filter itself. No more HD filters for me. I went with a K&N and may try a wix later.
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    What rubber? The seal ring? Must have been herked on too tight and damaged the seal.

    What ever you do, make sure it is rated to 5 microns. Otherwise HD might have a reason to say any failure related to oil was because of a non-spec filter.

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    was reading this on k&p website and if this is true even a stock oem filter isnt good enough heres what it said.

    4) How does this type of filtration compare to paper oil filters?

    We use ASTMF316 testing procedures which eliminate many of the user variables found in the SAE procedures. Basically, the filter media is pressurized from one side, and when the media starts passing particles, that is the micron rating. We sent filter media from several common brands of paper filters to the lab to be run through the ASTM test. We sent the media to the lab with no names, just numbers for identification so they wouldn't have any idea what brand filter they were testing. The results for the paper filters ranged from 48 microns for the best filter to over 300 microns for the worst filter. Our tests were right in line with other testing results we have researched that have paper media filters passing particles anywhere between 50 and 90 microns. What does this mean? Paper filters are rated on averages, percentages of efficiency (also known as beta ratios) and multiple passes, so a 10 micron rated paper filter (as advertised on the packaging) may be letting particles 50 microns and larger through. The medical grade stainless steel cloth that we use is consistent across the entire media surface and is rated at 35 microns, meaning nothing larger than 35 microns should pass through the material. The bottom line is we meet or exceed the filtration performance of OEM filters, eliminating any warranty issues.

    5) What Are Microns?

    A micron is one thousandth of a millimeter. That's approx. .00003937 inches.

    35 microns is about .00138", (just over one-thousandth of an inch).

    The lower limit of visibity to the human eye is about 40 microns.

    Pollens range from about 30 to 50 microns

    A white blood cell is about 25 microns

    Cigarette smoke is about 10 microns
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    I'm not to big on reusable filters except K&N air filters. Guess i'd rather put on a fresh 1 every oil change. JMO.