Just answer these three simple newbie questions please!!

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by red33m, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. red33m

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    First of all...A couple of days ago I bought a used Road King anniversary model but the guy didn't give me an owners manual so I have just three simple questions that need to be answered..

    1)When I turn on the bike on,a light turns on that shows the engine(I think) does that mean an engine failure?because it just did it today...not before.
    2)What does the switch behind of the headlight(left side) do?
    3)..and last question:The oil signal is turned on all the time..does that mean that I ave to change oils or something?

    So thank you very much and it would also be very helpful if you tell me where can I download or buy an owners manual..!

    thanks again.

  2. Neal

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    The toggle switch on the left side is the spare accessory switch incase you want to add something to your bike...The engine light does come on to show you the light works but goes off after the engine starts...the third question could be an oil pressure problem!
  3. glider

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    The check engine light will light each time you start but should go out after it is running. If it comes back on you have a code stored.

    The left switch is a spare.

    The oil light on signals a problem with oil pressure. Check it out with an oil pressure gauge or just replace the oil sending unit and see if that corrects it.
    Don't run the bike until you find out or you will be replacing the engine.

    You can get the owners manual at any dealer and I would get the factory service manual too.
  4. Doug_09ultra

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    hey red33
    1. the engine light should light briefly (3-5 seconds) and then go out.
    2. Is it a factory installed switch or something added on?
    3. If you are talking about the little oil can looking light it should only come on just like the engine light briefly then go out. If it remains on, it means you either have no oil pressure ( a really bad thing) or you may be low on oil (also bad) or your sending unit is messed up.
    I am assuming that you have no oil pressure guage so you will want to check the level first to make sure you have the proper level. Then you will need to have your oil pressure checked with a mechanical pressure guage. In any case I would not run the engine or drive the bike until you resolve that issue.

    Yeah what glider said, lol!
  5. red33m

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    That thing about the oil pressure matters me...I have to check it out..if I don't want the bike to colapse from a broken engine..

    I have to have been scammed if it a serious problem...Though the guy who sold it to me is German,so I expected the best from him...(I bought my car from a German too).How expensive can the problem be?
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  6. walleye

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    Where do you live? Is their a HD dealership nearby? Has the oil light been on since you bought it? You need to get it to a HD dealer to check out the oil light. Hopefully it is a sending unit or something else simple. If it is a oil pressure problem and it has been rode for any amount of time you may have engine problems. This could very expensive. If bought from a dealer I would suspect you have some rights depending on where you live and the laws there.
  7. Hoople

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    How expensive can the problem be?

    If you exchange the oil pressure sending switch for a gauge and you have oil pressure...

    If you exchange the oil pressure switch for a gauge, have no oil pressure and when you drain your oil it looks like metallic paint.... Expensive.
  8. red33m

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    I took it for a ride and I noticed that both the oil and the engine light turn of after a few seconds...so it has no problem at all..after listening to the sound my mood has gone from apprhensive to in love!!

    thanks for the info.!
  9. Bud White

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    as said the light comes on for engine every time

    and the left switch is the spare aux switch

    as for oil better check see if it has any and check pressure to
  10. red33m

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    No mate...both the warning lights turn off after a few secs...I took it for a spin and I noticed..!

    the light for the engine and the oil turn off after a while...so everything's fine..!

    Do you happen to know where can I find an owners manual..?