Jealousy... You've got to be kidding me!

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by DDogg, Feb 6, 2009.

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    First, I've been married 30 years, had 3 girls which are now out of the house. Bought my first Harley in August 08. Had 7 bikes before I was married. This is my first in 30 years. O.K. Long story short. Fat Bob is in the garage, covered and tendered up. Once a week I shovel 12 inches of snow, open the garage and clean her up. Maybe and hour and half to two hours. It was fine the first couple of times, now I get the look of a mad girlfriend. Wife, "Cleaning it again." "You haven't ridden it, how can it be dirty?" I have tried to answer that, can't. Now, this morning I get up at 4:00am to get to work by five. I'm downstairs having a cup of coffee and she gets up. Doesn't usually get up until 6 or so. Wife, "Did you install Turbo Tax." Me, "No, not yet.". Here it comes. Wife, "I asked you to install it so I can use it." Me, "duh". Wife, "What were you doing, on our Harley site reading about your baby". Funny thing is, I wasn't. This site was down until 6:00am this morning. O.K. that's enough. I feel the jealousy coming out. Now what do I do? Got to go buy her something.
    Caged in to cold to ride
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    Heard an add on 760am yesterday that might help. Go to shawn Hannity's web site there is a promo from a flower company,2 doz.roses in a glass vase.$30.00 delivered:D
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    Flowers. Is this what you guys have done LOL.
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    Yea, flowers, furniture, clothes, jewelry, going to some play about cats that made no sense. Other than that, I didn't neet to do anything.:p
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    I understand your love for both. I do love my bike, but it has been under covers for the past month. I did get the dirty look after Christmas when I kept going out to the garage to uncover, install parts and wipe her down. Since I got the parts installed I keep the bike under covers, on the tender and will probably start prepping her come March/April timeframe.

    Truthful answer to your question, no way to fend off the looks other then spending time with her. What I found is when I work a few late nights during the week, I dare not touch the bike. If I end up doing a lot of things around the house and spend little time with her, I dare not touch the bike. But when I have a long weekend, spend lots of time, go out on a "date"...then I am free to touch the bike...although it should be noted, no guarantee that the evil eye will not come back. All you can do is just smile finish up with the bike and get back. Also, I found it is better, when I don't start doing something else and end up with the bike, since it seems like I am hiding it. I let her know what I am going to do, if I get the eye, at least she knows what I am doing.
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    Gotta get her to fall in love with the Harley too...but that might back fire. Mine just wanted to tag along during the safety course so she could be a better passenger....that eventually ended up costing a screamin eagle softail!! could just instal turbo tax, get her $30 in flowers, then sneak into the garage and kiss your other lady goodnight. :)
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    30 years, and everyone's gone from the house but the 2 of you??.....Dude, you are in trouble! :small3d007:
    Been there, and done that, and I found there ain't a thing that you can do that will be right. :majesty
    Might just as well get used to it..The kids aren't there to take the ear-beating anymore so somebody's going to get it, and you're the only one in sight. :newsmile07:
    I'de tell ya you have my sympathy but, I'm not in any better shape than you are! :wall
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    That's exactly what I'm going to do. We've all been cooped up in the dang house (and garage) to long. Thanks guys you made my day.
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    WARNING - I used an online flower deal last Valentine's Day and my credit card was compromised and had to be replaced. Can't remember which one but I've found it's better to have a bit of a relationship with a local flower shop and spend a few more dollars than try to save by going with those internet "deals."
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    I have always found them jealous of any of the "guy" toys, Harleys,boats,cars,airplanes,guns or whatever.......which is one reason I never remarried after my divorce from the first one......I really dislike haveing to justify my "toys" and interest to anyone. And its not a double standard, I don't care what a woman decides to do with her time or money. If we can spend some quality time on the same "road" fine, if not well there is always someone else out there somewhere.