It really seems like a simple request

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    Like the title says it seems like a simple request. After all we have put men on the moon, can determine if a person has committed a crime by running their DNA, and we can install a micro-chip in a dog to tell who the owner is. Why then can’t someone make a simple hand-operated grease gun that does not leak and is easy to refill?

    I have one that is probably 20 years old and looks just like the ones for sale at Wally World or AutoZone. To install a new grease cartridge or refill the old cartridge I wear latex gloves, spread newspaper on my work bench, get a box of rags, and I still end up with grease all over the outside of the gun and half of my garage. When you install the new cartridge there is always some grease in the bottom of the tube that slips past the plunger and of course it squirts out the little hole in the bottom of the gun when you are trying to screw the cartridge back on. I have an air operated grease gun but don’t like it because you never know when it is empty and no grease is going into the zerk fitting. It really seems like such a simple request.:(
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    My old grease gun goes back longer than i do
    to refill i unscrew the front end stick it in a pot of grease pull the plunger at the rear and it sucks the grease in screw the front end back on wipe with a rag and I'm good to go
    it was someones cast off in the mid 70s been with me ever since and still works well

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    $290 is a lot of money for a grease gun. I've got an old Bluepoint (snap on) that works great. Was looking at Snap-on's site and saw that the Bluepoint stuff is now made in china, so I'm not sure if they are still as good.

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    At $300 or so quite a piece of high tech design, a little rich for me and being old fashioned just an old regular one works fine, and never had a problem. But grease will get all over if you do not unlatch and relieve trigger pressure, so grease wlll not continue to ease out.
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    Talk about something that gets everywhere when you open up the can...NeverSeez. Imagine trying to fill a hand pump gun with that stuff. You would be tracking it through the house on the bottom of your sneakers for weeks..:p
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    Had mine sitting in the hot garage & didn't pay attn when I picked-up and walked across to lube truck chassis - left a nice "grease slime" trail all the way across 3-stalls. My small truck fluid change turned into an all day garage floor scrub. Now I make sure to drain the melted run-off & sometimes use a plastic baggie around the cyl so I don't have a repeat. Birthday's coming - might have to put NEWHD74FAN's "super gun" on my list.
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    Another option, much more affordable with the same clear tube.I realy like the clear tube design, if you have more than 1 grease gun.It eliminates the possibility of grabbing the wrong product.It also would allow you to see how much material is being used as well as whats left in the tube..

    Lincoln Industrial , 1148CLR Deluxe Lever Type Grease Gun w/ Clear Tube
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    Its just one of those things in life. your going to get as much in the job as on you. i hang mine above my fire ex,, dumb, it drips. i see I'm no roads scholar
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    We supply our mechanics this gun where I work. It pays for itself in time saved, if you do lots of lube work.