It’s not always the cages that do stupid things…

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Trapshooter, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Trapshooter

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    Last evening the wife and I were out having nice leisurely ride down a two lane road. She was about 6-8 bike lengths ahead of me in the left hand track, I was in the right hand track. There was a pickup truck behind me and I could see some bikes coming up behind him. The next thing I know the bikes, three of them, blew past the truck in the other lane and was passing me on the left in my lane, not the passing lane, snuck in between the wife and I and passed her on the right!! All of this going up a hill scaring us both to death! Who would have expected them to do that! Now, keep in mind my wife just started riding her own bike a little over a month ago. It’s a miracle it didn’t scare her so bad she swerved into the other lane causing a horrific crash. I could not believe what had just happened all so they could get where they were going a few seconds faster.

    Don't know about you but I didn't appreciate it at all.........
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    What kind of bikes? Did you get a chance to judge the age of the riders?

    I'm sure you complimented your wife profusely for doing the right thing and holding her line while the idiots went by.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    Never could understand the need for speed at some one else es safety, Glad you are both OK
  4. Trapshooter

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    Three Harley's, one riding 2up the other two singles. I would guess them to be mid 30's in age.

    OH, and yes I did compliment her profusely. I could just see what was about to happen and was soooo glad it turned out OK.
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  5. wilks3

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    Young and dumb. If they don't kill themselves or somebody else "maybe" they'll grow up and learn they have no "S" on their chest.
  6. HDDon

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    I don't think it matters if they are in a cage or on a bike. There are just too many people out there that think they are the only thing on the road that matters. This large group has no interest in your or anyone elses safety. I tell my wife that people drive like the commercials we see for new cars that show the car as the only thing on the road. Ride safe, and be defensive. Congrats on your wife for handling the situation, and for you not taking off after them.
  7. lakeforktx

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    Most likely poser's..and had to get home and watch Sons of Idiots on DVD...glad ya'll came out all right...:41:
  8. Dr.Evil

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    I can't beleive anyone would ride like that. If I was on the left and got passed in my lane on the right, one or all of them would be in the ditch. I just hope the woud not HA.
  9. Nightowl

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    Like all the others I am glad you and your wife are ok. It does get crazy out there and the more experience you can get the better, no matter how long or how much you ride. AND since you all came out ok, chalk it up to a learning experience.

    For some reason I really hesitate to pass other bikes for fear of surprising them, or in some cases it just seems rude. I have followed slower bikes for miles before finding a good way to pass. Funny thing when in a cage, I never hesitate to pass another cage the first chance I get.

    Ride often and be safe.
  10. freewind

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    no need for speed here...I like cruzin...figure where I'm goin was there before I started my ride,,,,so it'll still be there when I get to it..As for me,I tend to ride 5 mph slower than the most of my attention is in my mirrors....let the speed freaks take the chances....I wanna get back to the family...