Issues on last ride (2700mi)

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    Wanted to discuss the few issues we had on our last ride. If you missed it the link is here: Going to Canada - Harley Davidson Community

    First was with my '07 Dyna. About 30mi out I lost significant power just after a toll booth. Pulled over and found that the plug wire popped off the plug on the rear cyl. Put it back on and it was fine the rest of the way. Anyone ever have this happen?

    Next was with my brothers '98 sportster. He lost all rear brake pressure somewhere in Canada. It was low on fluid so we filled it and it seemed better. He is a new rider and while talking with him about the issue it was discovered that he ONLY used the rears (never front). Told him to use more front and try to be easy on the rears till we can diagnose further. Turns out that the steal brake line was rubbing on a clamp. Enough to rub a tiny pin hole in the line. I am guessing that this was a known issue because the replacement line was completely redesigned.

    Third was with my buddy's BRAND new '12 Dyna. He picked it up 2 weeks before we left, put 900 miles on it and had 1k service done at the dealer a few days before we left. After about 900miles I noticed him shaking a bit. I asked him bout it and he said he noticed but didn't think much of it. I told to adjust the windshield down a little, thinking it was buffeting, he did so and the issue remained. Next day he adjusts the shield up all the way and the problem remained, worsened even. We are looking over the bike closely and found that 90% of the rear spokes were loose, very loose. We tightened them up best we could under the circumstances and went on our way. The problem was gone and remained so for the rest of the trip. When we found the problem and noticed how loose the spokes were we realized how lucky he was. Anyone have this happen before? On a brand new bike?

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    Never had any of them happen to me but have heard of the rear brake thing happening to others. Can't remember if it just failed or it was becuase they were at high altitudes (it was a while back). But it was pretty dramatic for him since he was on a curve and couldn't use the front safetly. He had a bit of wild ride till he got it stopped.

    Loose spokes are trouble for sure. If you don't have any more problems with the brakes it was probably just low on fluid and got some air in the line. You might want to bleed your line just to make sure.
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    Loose spokes, yikies! Looks like the dealer missed that. I am sure they have some sort of a check list to go by before they sell a bike. I would inform the dealer if nothing else so they can be aware of the situation and possibly catch it next time. Luckily you caught it before it was catastrophic!
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    So much for PDI a bike The Dealer should be called out on this one, I would return to the dealer and have them check that bike over from top to bottom (PDI) is pre delivery inspection, some thing all bikes are suppose to get before they are sold
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    Looks like they also missed it at the 1000 mile service. It's a long checklist they're supposed to cover but somehow they can do it all in 40 minutes. :newsmile055:
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    PDI thats it! I couldn't think of it to save my life. I know some of you can relate :p
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    The sad part of dealer servicing. The attention to detail is just not there at most dealers. Good for you looking out for your friend. I think a strong conversation with service manager is in order.......:small3d002:
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    Great feedback & soulds like it was a great trip. If you haven't already - I'd suggest your friend discuss the spoke issue w/servicing dealership. The need to be aware & make some type of restitution...IMO.
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    Make sure your spokes are not only tightened but make sure the wheel is trued as well. You can have tight spokes but still have a slight wobble in the wheel. The wheel needs to be put on a truing stand and tightened properly.
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    Yep, and they schedule them that way Imagine that:s