Is this normal ??? ?

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  1. robermv32

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    Drove my 2010 FLHX 44 miles to a HD dealership to have new chrome switch covers and new hand grips installed. Waited around for almost 2 hours while the bike was "being done". Finally I get the call and go to pay. Almost $450.00. and when I got home and went to archive the receipt I notice that there is a $79.00 charge for a "Volume Switch Kit." and a charge for the labor to install it. I called and was told that the switch broke during the install process....What the heck does that mean ?
    It wasn't broken when I took it there.. Is this normal for dealerships ? When we break it, you pay for it ? I'm getting ready to raise a little dust over this but want to make sure I'm right. What's the general consensus ? Do most of them do this or am I just special ?
  2. Rubyred

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    I am with you on this. I don't think this is anywhere near a normal practice for a dealer or any business. Go to the owner and get your $79.00 back and carry a big stick!!!!!!!!!!!!:small3d023:
  3. Iceman24

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    Anywhere I've gone the rule break it = you fix it (free) so I'd definitely address this one w/the service mgr. This shou;d be absorbed by the dealership...IMO.
  4. oldhippie

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    Agreed. They break it, they fix it at no charge.

    If your bike was 30 yrs old they could blame it on age, but not for a 2 yr old bike.
  5. Streetglider08

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    You are 100% right. Go get your $79 back. I can't believe they would even consider charging you.
    I took my bike into the dealer for a rear tire and inspection. They forgot to inspect it. I never even left the dealer, they took the bike back in and inspected it for free for making me wait longer. The only thing I paid for was $190 for tire, not even the labor to install it. I got over $100 off my bill that day. Needless I was very pleased.
  6. horizonchaser

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    I agree with the others. Something similar happened to me. I took my bike in to get the rear tire replaced. When I wen to pick it up they told me that the rear head exhaust pipe got broken during removal to access the rear tire. As I drove it home it was unbelievable loud. I knew I couldn't live with that noise so I told them it had to be fixed. That it wasn't like that when I took it in to get the tire fixed. Long story short: They said it had been cracked and they just made it worse in the removal of the tire. The worst was yet to come! :( I had to wait 3 weeks for the replacement part to come in!
  7. Jeff Klarich

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    If they put a dent in your fender while doing work on your bike and had to replace it would you have to pay for the fender? Ofcourse not, they did the damage they have to replace it at their expense. You have money owed you my friend!

    NYSDEUCERIDER Active Member

    I worked in the automotive repair field for nearly 30 years (11 yr in a bodyshop, 17 yr in a repair shop) Anything that we broke or damaged, WE took care of. PERIOD! Of course we also performed 'drop-off lookovers' WITH the customer to make sure we were on the same page about the 'scratch on the fender' and such.
  9. rhino 2

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    They broke it they fix it N/Charge,
    That's just good business sense.
    In my business [not bikes] even if it was doubtful that it was my fault i would eat the cost, A happy customer is a repeat customer, And one who will recommend me to their friends.
  10. Jack Klarich

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    Shame on them, contact the Manager and get a refund, get the warranty in writing again so they can not back out on this:s