is msrp the price of a new harley or is cheaper available

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by horatio, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. horatio

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    Can I buy a Harley Dyna for much less then msrp? I was listening to an old motorcycle podcast the other day and the guy there said there were year old xr1200 that were still new, but a year older model that were $8900 or $2100 below the suggested price.

    I think I want a street bob. They cost $13000 plus shipping plus whatever else. I just want the plain black one with nothing else on it. What should I expect to pay?

  2. doctordoug

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    This is still a buyers market. I would offer less than MSRP and also ask for a discount on an extended warranty if you want one and get some accessories at 25% off installed before you pick it up. Also ask for a 10% discount on parts from the dealership for one year. These requests are all doable. I got a screaming deal on my Deluxe in 09 and there is nothing that has changed betweenthen and now. Good luck with the negotiations and don't let the dealer get the feeling that you will just die unless you leave today with a new bike.
  3. glgarrett

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    Good advice, dealers are struggling in today's economy.:p
  4. Jack Klarich

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    When I shop I tell the Stealer I have a bike ,I would like a new bike, here is what I will pay. I walk away and tell them to call when they meet my terms, it has not failed:s
  5. Iceman24

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    23 talks so have your financing, or George Washington's secured & work the bike price 1st - then talk other business (accessories, add-on's etc.). Good luck!
  6. Sledboy434

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    I agree. Not sure where you are, but I'm in Central WI. THis winter when we decided to get an Ultra Limited, I actually got an email quote- with all the goodies I wanted-and a few more the dealer added-including shipping to my door. This was from a Harley dealer in FL. I then went to three dealers fairly close to me. I told them they didn't need to meet the price but I did want them to get as close as they could. Well the guys I ended up buying from came within a hundred dollars, and had the bike I wanted within 5 days through a dealer swap. They beat the dealer closest to me by $1600+. I told the closest guy that I would have my name on a buyers sheet by Saturday of that week. This was Wednesday evening. I showed him the price quote and he wrote up his quote as if I just came in the door and told him I wanted to buy a bike from him. He really didn't try at all to get my money- so it went elsewhere. You are on the right track by doing what the others have said. It has always worked for me to have a written quote.
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    I find it interesting in this economy whether buying a car or bike how inflexible dealer can be. The last time I wanted to trade my 2008 EG the trade was so low it insulted me. When discussing the deal with salesman, he went to the sales manager they came back with discount the freight of $400.
    when I asked for $800 discount on a $23,000 Ultra And give $12,500 for trade. His reply to my astonishment was that he was offering me a great deal. So I walked.
    Keep shopping sooner or later you will find a dealer to work with you.
  8. cromwell

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    One point I will STOMP my foot on is be willing to walk away. When I purchased my sportster I ended up having the dealer chase me to my car when he realized that I was serious about leaving if I did not get what I wanted. Probable could have even gotten a few more $$$ off but I thought my deal was good enough. Do not be afraid to shop around to include using dealers off the internet. Even now that I am in Ireland I noticed that there is some savings by purchasing and have items ship direct to me from the states then it is going to the dealer. And that includes me paying for customs and taxes.

  9. horatio

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    Can I expect 5% to 10% off MSRP? I will have Harley do the financing.
  10. av8rjim84

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    I wish I could find a bike priced at MSRP around here. The problem being that there is only one show in town and that is Landers Harley. As a result, they usually run 1 to 3 thousand over MSRP.