Is a new bike really a hard decision?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Cory, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. Cory

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    So a dealer calls me and tells me they have this new offer coming up right after christmas..

    something about those lolely sportster owners getting full msrp of their bikes when they were new, towards a new bike on trade in...

    I'm seriously thinking about it.

    my question is- I want something bigger than a sportster, no doubt. And while a roadking would be ideal, not exactly in the budge. I was looking at the super glide custom (08) and wondered what y'alls opinion of it was.

    Or of any other bike. I'm a big guy at 6'3" and 270, and my lady rides with me (as those who even remember me back from july of this year). do you think this or any other bikes you could suggest would be comfortable for us two? or am i dreaded with subpar two up riding unless i get a road king or better?


    almost broke and definitely perplexed. :p
  2. 2blueking

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    cory,if you're going to move up,& you can afford it,then go with what you REALLY want.I hate to see someone just settle for something & regret it later.If you can't afford a bigger bike yet,then, I would hold off.Don't know if that helps.....

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Hang on to your current ride, the economy is in the tank and long term debt is not a good thing right now. Much cheaper to put forward controls on your bike if you do not have them already and perhaps "raise your bike" with longer & stiffer Progressive 412 shocks and Progressive Springs in the forks w/ slightly heavier 7W or 10W oil. If you want more power, do the Stage I mods...AirCleaner, Mixture (Richen), Slip-on Exhausts. And finally comfort mods, throwover saddlebags, Kuryakin Mini-Wing Floorboards (fit standard HD footpeg mounts) and perhaps sissy bar/pad/rack, again if you have not done or added these items already, but on your terms and needs. JMHO :newsmile062:

    Yeah, I knew the big guys would weigh in for a new bike, but again it is your choice, you already have a good investment on what is essentially a great solo bike, occasionally used 2-up. How often you are going to ride two-up when the full riding season comes on...situation and opportunity as THEY say may make a new/used ride the BEST alternative...But for now I still stand firm on my original post. You may also get a Gelpad/Cover over the existing seat that might be less money than the Mustang if budget is a concern...and if you have the metal sissy bar only, HD carries a slip-on back rest cover for about $50-$60. :s
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  4. Cory

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    and after crunching numbers for hours

    (i have a major headache too)

    I think that's what I'll do. already got the progressives, and the sissy bar. might as well anti up and get the mustang seat, and didn't know about the kuryakn floorboards... will have to look into that. and ESPECIALLY the forward controls.

    thanks for the insight.
  5. glider

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    Great time to buy, especially with the selection out there because the economy dictates that some toys must go but at 6'3" and 270 lbs, I don't think the sporty is the right choice for you no matter what upgrades you do to it. JMHO.

    I think you would be much better off going to the super glide at least or more so the Road King. It would fit you better and you would enjoy it more if it fits within your means to get it.
  6. WHM1

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    The most important thing is an educated purchase! Don't rush into buying before shopping around and more important, riding. All of the Harley dealers I know will let you test ride a bike if you have a motorcycle license. Now is a GREAT time to buy if you are already in the market and the dealers have to move inventory.The interest rate will move lower today and IMOP I think it's cheaper to use their money than mine. The bank rate (1/2%) has not been this low in 50 years and I believe after Christmas there will be deals if your credit is good. Unfortunately you have to take advantage of the bad economic times but for the buyer it's a great opportunity.
  7. 01dynaglide

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    I think you would like the feel of a street glide or road glide. If you have enough in your budget to get a new bike I would say go for it. Make sure you get one that you want instead of settling for something you really don't want on down the road.
  8. TQuentin1

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    I agree with the folks here that are saying get what you WANT, not what is handy. Also, it depends on what you mean by "new" - is that new to you, or showroom new?

    When I was out looking in about '05, I was very tempted to go for a new black UC with all the fixins. Just then, I spotted an anniversary edition UC in the nice two tone silver-black scheme. Beauty!! Pretty low mileage, rubber was good, rode fine, and sounded ok (much better after I put REAL oil and gear lube in it). Delta on the '03 instead of the '05 was over $7k!! And I had me a "new" bike that my girl friend (in the avatar - now wife!) liked riding on!!

    So there ya go!

  9. jd4300

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    i have a soft tail deluxe 2005 at 6'5" it was a little tight i put on the tall boy seat what a difference feels like whole new bike. and My girlfriend appreciates the wider more comfortable passenger seat
    the floor boards are a great option as well

  10. boots

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    i agree that a sportster would be too small. I think that you will get tired of it quickly. Why not a used bike, there are alot of good used bikes out there.