Intermittent engine shut-off problems 2000 FLHTCUI

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by drj9999, Jun 22, 2012.

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    I have a 2000 FLHTCUI with 56K that has been increasingly "shutting down" in slow to medium speed situations most associated with stop and go / city driving conditions, it does not show itself under interstate / constant speed / good air circulation driving conditions. This problem manifests itself by "what appears" to be a complete shut down of the ignition system, with power remaining to the lights, gauges, radio, etc. I can re-start the bike almost immediately by hitting the starter switch, which does not require recycling (shutting off and turning on) the electrical system at either the ignition or engine shut off switch. Upon re-starting the bike runs perfectly until the next occasion. This situation is present in both wet and dry conditions and not isolated to only hot weather conditions; it also does not produce error codes and therefore been very difficult for HD to diagnose and address. Of note is that this condition has been present since the bike was new, occurring very infrequently…… but has now become much more frequent making this bike dangerous to drive. Any ideas?
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    Welcome to The Forum, it sure sounds ignition related, have they looked into this? Possible as simple as a bad kill switch
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    Kill switch has been changed out for a new one.
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    could it be fuel related maybe loosing fuel pressure the internal fuel lines might have a hole in them or maybe pressure regulator. or clog vent does it sound like there is fuel spraying in the tank if so you may have a hole in the lines inside these would not throw a code
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    Two years ago while we were out in Sturgis a friend of my son had a bike with the same problem. After having to trailer it back to Devils Lake, North Dakota and then to a Harley dealership he found out that it was the cam sensor. This may be a good item to check out. Good luck with it, I will be interested in finding out what your problem is. His bike was about the same year as yours.
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    Do you have a list of the parts that have already been replaced. You said "(the problem has) been very difficult for HD to diagnose and address",,,, so has HD been the only one actually wrenching on the bike for the past 12 years?

    Will you will be the one applying any suggested information or will the information just be passed along to HD in order for them to resolve or fix the issue.
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    Yes, HD dealerships are the only ones who have wrenched on the bike since it was new, with varying degrees of success but a great deals of expense. I have no mechanical abilities myself and have used (4) different HD dealerships around my area over the last twelve years. The first part to be replaced was the engine "shut off" switch which was an obvious potential solution......but not solve the problem. Unfortunately HD has not been able to replicate the problem, nor has the issue ever produced an error code so they are at a loss (very sad indeed as they are supposed to be experts on these bikes) and are recommending we start replacing parts, an expensive way to stumble across a solution. I am looking for any advice to limit the $ damage coming my way if I let the dealership stumble & bumble around on my dime. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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    If it was my bike, I would get the HD Factory Service Manual and some basic tools and start trying to figure it out. HD Dealership is probably putting their most junior techs on your bike to "see if they can figure out what is wrong". The senior guys are busy doing the major work. So you are probably not getting the best trouble shooting effort.

    Under what operating conditions does this shutdown scenario occur? If it seems to be heat related, is your Heat Management system activated? See here:

    Harley Davidson Community

    But in terms of what to do, start with the basics. Battery cables and cable ends. Remove and wire-brush clean both mating surfaces of both ends of both cables (neg off first, on last). Then check that all frame grounds are tight.

    Let us know what else has been done to the bike.

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    As far as I know, there is NO heat management on these older bikes. Thinking this came out in 05?

    On MY 2000 FXDS, a similar problem happened to my bike.

    Stranded on a trip to Az., towed to Chandler HD, Final FIX was; the Crank Position Sensor AND the Cam Position Sensor replaced under warranty,,,

    While at the shop for two days,,, and MANY times out to see IF they could get the bike to repeat the problem,, FINALLY and TWICE,,, they made it do the Ugly deed and believed my intermittent problem, Like Yours, They said a few bikes came out with some bad parts and needed to be replaced (HD was aware of this but QUIET),,, all this way back then.

    Hope this helps...