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    Hi all, first time poster here and I guess my first post will be a rant. I've posted on another HD forum I won't name in the past. I just installed a gen3 on my 2014 Street Glide and have had a gen3 on my last two Harleys. I love them. But from my experience there is definitely a feeling out there from a lot of folks that these tuners are crap and there are far "better"(and much more expensive) tuners out there and I should be dropping tons of money on something like a SERT or TTS and getting it dynoed and such. What? Why do I need to do all that?

    I started a thred on the other site about something that really wasn't really related to the Gen3. It was asked what kind of tuner I have on the bike and I told them I had the Gen3. Here's a sample of the responses I got after that:

    "Never heard of that" twice

    "Thats not really a tuner......its fuel management"....mkay

    "It will then depend upon how long you plan on owning the bike. Couple years and get a new one? That piggyback is good enough. Going to keep it longer, I recommend a full blown tuner like TTS or SEPST. It's all about timing and not fuel."..........HUH? WHAT?

    This isnt the first time ive ran across stuff like this. There's a definitely a lack of respect for Dobecks products out there. Its either a lack of respect or just plain ignorance. Money does not always equate to something better. If you want to drop a couple grand on "a real tuner" and dyno time be my guest. I'll keep my gen3.
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    If you look around at the history of threads on this site, you will get a pretty strong indication of support for the Dobeck/TFI fuel managers. For most folks that are not trying to tweak the very most out of their engine/tranny combinations, the Dobeck/TFIs are just the ticket.

    That said, some of the key individuals on this site were given the opportunity to evaluate the new Gen 4 betas. The jury may still be out, but there was a significant amount of negative reaction to the Gen 4 AND Dobecks handling of the issues that were encountered.

    I am gonna experiment with the V&H Fuelpak FP3. I will report back on my experience. This unit will NOT fit all HD bikes however.

    Vance Hines | Fuelpak FP3


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    I guess you missed the new member introduction thread and went straight to the "lets go on a rant" thread. :p
    Welcome aboard. Chillax a bit. You'll enjoy your time here much more :D

    p.s. I just installed a Dobeck EJK Gen 3 a couple of months ago. Still not dialed in just right yet, but its real close.

    Father's Day is this coming Sunday, so I'm expecting a full report on the FP3 first thing Monday :D

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    Good input Bkklow. One of the first things I bought for my '07 (6 yrs. ago) was a Doebeck. Thirty minutes after I started the install I was riding. I recently put some cams in the bike, and considered a different fuel management system. I also frequent a forum that has several members that have dyno's and do tunes for a living. I researched the "favored" systems, and read all of the dyno sheets. The average adjustable tuner costs $400 and up, with another $400 for a proper tune on a dyno. I would probably get a printout that showed my $900 investment gave me 5-7 hp, and maybe 10 ft. lbs. tq. more than I currently have. I will hold off, it runs good and gets good mileage. I just can't brag about my hp and tq. numbers.
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    Thanks for all the replies. I just got a "you're an idiot for not putting on a better tuner" vibe from the whole thing. Kind of ticked me off.

    The FP3 has piqued my interest. I like the whole bluetooth to smart phone setup. Maybe down the road. I've spent enough money here lately. lol
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    It's all about "your ride you decide".
    I didn't want to be tied to the tuner man so I went the Gen3 route myself just to add some fuel and maybe not getting the BEST tune was ok with me.

    As far as support....they contacted me. Who else calls you to find out how your bike is running? Fantastic!
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    IMO a dyno tune with a fancy fueler is only as good as the calibrated equipment and the operator using it. The Dobecks are very good fuel management and easy to install with great support, never mind the gear heads with all the horse power gains, if the engine work does not equal the tuner what have they gained JMO:s
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    Well I'm seriously considering Gen 3 myself. I basically have two things I wish for, the bike to start when I hit the button and for it to run reasonably well. If I have 65 hp or 85 doesn't matter, I just want to enjoy the ride.
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    I'm in the same camp as both of you gentlemen - I want to enjoy riding a dependable bike and minimize the time and $$$ spent fiddling with it. I didn't buy my Street Glide to drag race or brag about its HP/TQ numbers. It's a cool looking bike that's fun to ride and got me admission into the HD family.

    This doesn't mean I don't appreciate the folks who have the know how, desire, and funds to extract more performance from their bikes. It's just not my "thing" if you know what I mean.

    This whole discussion perfectly illustrates the expression - "different strokes for different folks!"
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    I'm going on 2 years with Gen 4 and I'm pretty happy! I do have a glitch now and then but I'm down here in temperatures that usually run triple digits this time of year. Getting caught in traffic; stopping somewhere for a few minutes; that ride only gets hotter sitting there! You come back out and fire it up and you got one HOT piece of metal and sitting right on top of it is this little Dobeck! OUCH!! I think they've done a pretty good job of putting this little thing together! Especially for what it does! I'll keep mine for a while!