I'm so dispointed

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    I got 08 electra glide classic .I just had a problem with one of the latches on the tourpack I took it out the latch and it says on it made in China .I thote I was buying American build bike but instead I got cheap China rubbish and cheap china chrom it's so sad that even on HD stuff is from china.

    Sorry I just had to get this off my chest.it's sad that why the economy is so bad .China is taking over
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  2. masterguns

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    Me too! The stealer is now putting on a THIRD voltage regulater because the first two were defective. Probable made in Indonesia or India. So much for buying a quality built American machine.
  3. TQuentin1

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    Yep. I think I have replaced about 4 or 5 of those latches since I have owned this bike ('05).

  4. nolafishr

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    I can understand wehat you Guys are saying, I had a 08 Model and brought it back Twice for the Cruise Control, After the Second Time I wound up trading it for a 09 Road Glide, I would not look back, What a Improvement, I know when I had My Side Covers off I saw a Tag that says "Made In Mexico".
    It is Dissappointing to see these kind of things when you are spending this much Money for a Bike!
  5. glider

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    If you're disappointed about the latch , don't look at the instruments, front end and many other parts on these "American" assembled bikes. Many of the parts come from off shore sources.
  6. Davidw2415

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    The sad part is they have china made parts but still charge American made prices.
  7. kemo

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    I think I will keep my 2000 E/G. So far have not found any Chineese on it. I know the shocks and forks and the electrics are Asian.
  8. Redfish-Joe

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    Everything is farmed out now a days. Just like our space program and defense contracts...to the lowest bidders:D
  9. Sgt York

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    I was disappointed when I bought my first Harley. It was a new 1977 Low Rider. Got it home and noticed that the gauges said in small print "Made in Japan". Called the dealer back and was told that the front forks and carb were also from over seas. I was told If it was all made in the US I could not afford it.

    But they are made to HD specs so all is good.
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    Well, I'll probably be sorry for this, however, you've struck a nerve.

    I mean no disrespect, but, you people make me laugh.
    Where have you all been for the last 25-30 years?
    While the EPA was passing laws that outlaw spicific manufacturing processes....and these products now must come from outside the USA.
    And the clean air/ clean water folks were marching and demanding that industry clean up and stop proven practices....requiring that these products also be made somewhere other than the USA.
    How about American labor that demanded more and more for doing less and less, further forcing companies offshore just to stay in business.
    You could go on and on about all of that stuff......do some research....but the bottom line is this.
    In MAJOR MANUFACTURING, there are no more "American" Companies. They are ALL world corporations now, with manufacturing assembly and shipping facilities all over the world.
    I defy you to find even 1 MAJOR product that is "100% made in America with American labor and American parts.
    Can't be done.
    There will be some sub assembly, or parts somewhere inside that come from somewhere other than the USA.

    Sorry boys, We had the GOLDEN GOOSE, But nobody fed it, watered it, or took care of it.
    Everyone stole its eggs, pulled its feathers out, poked it, prodded it, and it finally got so weak and sick, it died.