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Isolated Drive System

Lots of talk about the 07 bikes with the transmission noises that sounds like clatter or as some put it "can of marbles".

It happens in 5th and 6th gears on most bikes primarily baggers because of the fairings reflecting the noise back at the rider and weight of these bikes also compared to the smaller FX frames.

The 08 bikes are fitted with these rear wheel pulleys that in effect have a rubber cushion in the hub and absorb most of the shock transmitted through the driveline from the longer stroked 96 engines in the 06 Dyna's and all models in 07. Most installations of these kits have reported to have fixed the problem completely and the kit is retrofittable to the 07 bikes.

Here's a pic of the product and below that is the instructions for installation that usually requires an hour of dealer labor to install. Part# 40287-07 and sells for MSRP US $309.95.

It can be purchased through Zanotti's HD for $187.25 and you can arrange with them to press the bearing into the hub before shipping for an additional $10.

Zanotti Motor Co, Inc.

IDS link... Harley Davidson | Zanotti Motor Co, Inc.


# 17 is the compensator bowl and #12 is the rubber cushion.

Here's the instructions for the unit in PDF format.

IDS Installation

Just in case you should disassemble this unit and not know which spacer goes where being they are different sizes, here's the dimensions for the spacers.
Looking from the back of the bike, The outer most left spacer is #11844 and is .135" thick. The next spacer that goes between the IDS sprocket and the part that is bolted to the wheel is #11846 and is .556" thick. on the right side there is a spacer between the wheel bearing and the brake caliper mount, this spacer is #41084-02A and is .471" thick and lastly is the brake caliper mount itself which is 1.185" thick.

The '08 Isolated Drive is a direct fit for the '07, but the '09 was redesigned and will not directly retrofit to the '07/'08. It is integrated into the hub of the wheel for '09.

Also look here for the wear limits on the IDS isolators.

IDS Wear limits - Harley Davidson Community
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I have been reading on some other forums that HD is offering the dealers $100 for installation of the IDS units from Oct 1 2007 to March 1 2008. Don't know if it is a rumor but worth checking it out with your dealer or a call to the MOCO. Harley-Davidson customer service representative (414) 343-4056.

Here's a link that explains it better because many dealers are not aware of this promotion.

Elbow Grease

After giving it much thought, I decided to try one of these units on my 07 RKC. Many people have said that it eliminated the clatter that is inherent in most of the 07 touring bikes.

This unit is now standard on the 08 touring bikes so I figured it must work or HD wouldn't go to the additional expense to install it. It has been used on the V Rods for a while now amongst other brands also.

I got the unit and installed it today 8/29/07 and all I can say is that it works well and as advertised. It took a little over an hour with a lunch break in there too.

A relative simple straight forward install and the only difficulty is reinstalling the wheel where the brake caliper is a very close fit making it difficult. I opted not to remove the brake pads to save some work and it worked out alright doing this, it would have provided some additional wiggle room if the pads were removed.

After the install, I took the bike out for a test ride and found that all the clattering is totally gone. I even lugged it down to a very low RPM to see if it would clatter and I couldn't make it clatter at all, even in 6th gear at 40 MPH, it was still quiet. Prior to this, I couldn't use 6th gear below 70 MPH without a lot of noise.

After a full warm up when it would clatter quite well before the installation, it was still quiet and I was very impressed at how well it did work.

Next thing I noticed is that the 5th gear whine was not there either. I lugged it down in 5th gear to see if I could induce the whine and at a very low RPM, it would exhibit a very faint whine but at any other RPM used in normal driving, it was very quiet, this was the second biggest improvement that I could see with the unit installed.

Shifting was just a bit less clunky than before but not much different/improvement here being it wasn't a problem before to begin with.

I also noticed a big improvement in the drivability of the bike. The lash in the drive train was much quieter now and a softer cushion type lash was now present. A much welcomed feeling.

All in all, I would suggest the installation of this unit if your bike exhibits any clattering or gear whine in 5th and 6th gears. I'm very happy with the installation of this unit and wish I had done it sooner.
Hey Mr. Data I just got my IDS from Zanottis and would like to put it on but I don't have a socket big enough for the axle. Do you remember what size the nut is. I can get the axle nut off but I need to know so I can pick up a socket to torque it to spec when I am done. Thanks

P.S. thanks for the link to Zanottis it saved me over a hundred bucks.

That rear axle nut is 36 mm. You can get a wrench here that works well and will accept the torque wrench and would no doubt be a bit cheaper than a socket of the same size..

Posse 36mm Rear Axle Nut Wrench

Glad you saved a few $$$,they have good prices there.
Well I finally installed the IDS on my RK tonight (with a little help fron Mr. Data ). It was pretty easy to do and compaired to the $439 bucks the dealer wanted I got off easy. IDS from Zanottis was $198 , $11 to press in the bearing $20 bucks for shipping and $9 for a 36mm socket for the axle nut. That totals $238 for a savings of $201 dollars. I took it for a short ride (about 10 miles) and it really seems to have made a HUGE difference. Not only in the noise but a lot of the vibration is gone too. I will know more tomorrow when I get to put some real miles on it but so far very good. My next step (when I find a dealer to get it for me ) is to put the spectro 6 speed tranny oil in.
Thanks for the advice and link to Zanottis Mr. Data. without you and this site I wouldn't have even known what the problem was let alone saved big bucks on the kit. After I get a chance to put the miles on the bike I will post my impressions on what I think


I'm sure you going to like the IDS on your bike, it makes a major refinement in the drive train.

Glad to help you out.:s
I took the RK out for about 60 mi tonight it's smoother and no more noise . I'm a very happy camper :D. I didn't think I could like this bike more but....... I was wrong. It was money well spent.

Great, I'm glad it worked out for you too. It was money well spent as far as I'm concerned, perhaps the best refinement anyone can make on one of theses 07 bikes.
Hello, Is the IDS system needed and/or could it be installed on earlier(pre 07) tourer's? ...ex:...04 RK

It's not needed on pre 07 bikes with the 5 speeds. It's an "enhancement" as they call it for the noises the newer 6 speeds make.