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I Double Dare Anyone..... come up with some pics that will top these for the MOST mods on one bike!
Me and my wife went to a weekly ride event that is put on every Sunday, and while there this past Sunday, we seen THIS! This event will draw about 400 people and almost as many Harleys, its put on by the local Classic Rock radio station and the Local Harley stealer. Its a fantastic gig. Anyway, we were chillin' and looking at all the bike and stuff when THIS pulled in the parking lot! The entire group went into dis-belief at what they were looking at. :6: What it IS (or was) exactly is an 2003 Aniversery Edition Springer!!!! Almost brought a tear to my eye to see that this bike was "de-faced" in such a terrible way. :17: The rider has to actually STEP THROUGH the tat to get on the bike!
So, I took pictures because I thought NO ONE would believe it or be able to picture in their mind what I was trying to explain.
**WARNING** May be PAINFUL to the eyes!





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Buddy better wear a mask riding that hunk of junk
Makes ya wanna cry.
Even though I'm sure it has to be a joke and that stuff ain't glued on there...right?
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Mental illness is a terrible thing.

I'm actually not making fun of the guy. He's got the same sickness that makes old ladies keep 200 cats in their house or others collect Star Wars figures.
It kind of looks like a Rose Bowl parade float made with Barbie dolls.........wonder why he has flowers & dolls..........:shock