I did my small part today

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    I know this may sound corny but today while I was waiting in line at a Subway Sandwich Store, a young woman came in wearing her army uniform. She walked up behind me in the line and I began a conversation with her by extending my hand and saying a heartfelt "thank you. We talked awhile and I introduced her to my step-father, a WWII veteran. I told her my time was 68 to 72. She said she's been in 7 years and is up for promotion to E6 soon. Her hope is to make it 20 years.

    When it was my turn to pay for my sandwich in the assembly line of Subway she was still ordering hers, I gave the man a $20.00 and said quietly that I wanted to pay for her's too and that I would return for my change.

    I sat down with dad and began chomping on my Italian mixed meat with extra olive oil and vinegar when she came over and thanked me for the lunch. I'm not sure....but I think there was some water in one of her eyes....corny, but I'm gosh darned proud to do it. Even if it's such a small token. I remember we of the 68 to 72 generation didn't get very much of that from the public. . Hopefully someday when that young lady is looking at her retirement she'll think about that old guy that bought her a sandwich and smile
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    It brought a tear to my eye just reading the post. That is what its all about. I have done very similar things over the years. I am trying to teach my young boys the same thing so that they carry on the tradition some day.
    Our troops can never be thanked enough for all they do for us....
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    thats awesome. more of us should do that. I done it a few times. to many folks take what those men and women do for us for granted nowadays.
    And thank you for your service to our country.
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    Awesome!! You and I and a few others from this site are form the same mold. I salute you for this unselfish act of kindness. I too am from the same era as you and also agree with how the public would treat us. I use that as a learning experience and so these days I do all I can do to Acknowledge the men and women in uniform and thank them for all that they sacrifice.
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    You should be proud, that was a great gesture. One we should all follow through with a similar one of our own. :cheers
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    the world need more like you robermv, good for you!!!
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    Good feeling ain't it. Alot of Sea Bees and Air Force here on the coast and when I can I thank them for their service. What I look for are the old timers, WWII, Vietnam, etc. Easy to spot with their hats. Anyway I make a point to but their meal. I have gotten teary eyed hugs from some of them as a thank you back. Unbelievable! Guys, it easy to do and the rewards are tremendous!
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    A heartfelt Hooray to you for that small but GRAND gesture. :42::)
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    Great Job, Good for you, Thank YOU

    Keep the Dirty Side Down, Ride Safe:42:

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    Good job!

    I stop by Dunkin Donuts most every morning. Several weeks ago there was a guy standing in line in font of me. He was wearing a ball cap with the name of a ship on it. I asked him if had served on it. ( I don't remember what ship it was) He said "yes, 5 years". Due to the fact that I'm in there every morning, the whole staff knows me. I motioned to the mgr that I wanted to pay for his coffee and doughnut, then sat at one of the tables by the window. When he tried to pay for the food he looked genuinely surprised when she said that it was already paid for.
    He looked around to see who the 'culprit' was. I feigned innocence and ignored him. He must have figured it out because as I watched him pull out of the parking spot, he stopped, smiled, and gave me a quick salute.

    What a great feeling that $3 gave me. :42:

    I'm a vet from the 64-68 era and never had anything like that done for me. Different time, different society.