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Discussion in 'Trikes' started by Woodsman, Feb 17, 2009.

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    I traded in my FLHT for a new HD Trike. Just wondering how many users on this forum have them. I still have my Fat Bob to just run around with. The trike is for the old lady and I to tour with. It has its quirks, but I love it.
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    :newsmile048:My mom crashed last year on her vrod trike well she got it back in Nov.She tought she was getting it back to ride but not happen she cant steer left shoulder still messed up,so she gave it to me last week freakin sweet!
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    Don't have an '09 Tri-Glide but have a new '08 Ultra Classic with a Motor Trike kit. Had it built in December. Just finished having the front end raked out 5 inches (makes a big difference in steering), a reverse, a stage-one air box, SE super tuner and Reinhart slip-on's installed. Traded in an '07 Heritage Softail Classic. Wish I had bought a trike years ago. Wife loves it and so do I.
  4. Has any body heard or know of a way to protect the rear fenders on a tri glide? We just got it and noticed the passenger floor boards are close to the rear fenders.

  5. Will those wreck the paint if they need to be removed in the future? We of course got the black tri glide :) thanks for the tip.
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  7. Thanks for the tips. I did see that style of heel guard but not sure if they would or could come around enough to protect the fender. The 3m film looks interesting and have to look into it.
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    I got my new Tri Glide in Oct. 08 and loveitloveitloveit!
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    Im presently working on my own version of protection for that area on my trike. It will protect the area behind where the passengers heel would be and over the leading fender area of the trike body. I know there's other versions out there. I just dont like that they adhere completely to their coverage area over the painted surface. What I'm making will attach with velcro that wont harm the paint and doesnt need to adhere to the entire surface thats covered. I'll be able to remove these covers when I want to clean underneath them. Here's a sample of what I made for my other ride. I made protective covers for my saddle bag lids. What's cool about the covers I'm making. Is I can stud them to match my seat. The covers are made of aluminum, the surface is bonded with a black vinyl that has the same grain as the covering of the seat. (leather grain look) and edged with neoprene rubber "U" channel.


    just learning the use of photobucket,... Ill get it yet




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    Hey zoood, let's have a close-up of that cover. Looks like what I need for my fender. I'm so short legged, I keep kicking the fender when I get off the trike. That one part of the fender has to have at least five times as much wax as the rest.