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How many miles?


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I'm planning on a Harley Electra Glide as my next bike. I've been riding for almost forty years and it's time I got a Harley. I'd like to poll all of you and see how many miles you have or have had on your bike(s) and what problems you have had with them. I'm going to buy one anyway but I'd like to see what to expect. For instance, I know they are better than the ones my Dad rode back in the 50's. Back then he always had two bikes so he could have one of them running. What is your experience with the new Twin Cam bikes?

Over 10,000 miles on my '07 Flhtci , regular service and a new rear tire ..."Can't knock the smile off my face with a boat paddle"...But I keep gettin' bugs in my teeth:D No problems here!
Haven't had the RK too long but managed about 4K miles, I'd do it all over again with the same bike. Twin cams are great motors.
2002 Roadking Classic - 95ci, SE Hi-Po heads and Exhaust, SE 257 cams. 96hp / 103tq. 52,000+ miles and still running strong. Other than normal maintenance (fluid changes every 2500, and lots of rear tires), only problem has been cam chain tensioner shoes, but I beleive they were eliminated in 07. These bikes were made for the road... enjoy.

They are as good or bad as you want them to be, A stock bike rode sensibly and serviced properly will run as long as you let it.
Most I've ever put on a bike in 1 yr was 27,643 miles.
I have put over 100,000 miles each on 3 different evo. baggers with no problems. They were all left stock! Have a 88 twin came now and I believe I`t gonna be a lot better. Welcome to the world of Harley-Davidson.
I put 40,500 miles on my '04 Road King in three years. Traded it in for my "08 Ultra (has 5400 miles on it after two months). I've not experienced any problems with either bike. Just be sure you do the preventative maintenance per the schedule. Took a 6500 mile trip on the RK last August and the bike was flawless.
Thanks for all the responses. I've had a number of bikes over the years, Honda, Kawasaki, Moto Guzzi, Royal Enfield, etc. Only two of them ever left me on the side of the road. This time I'm gonna get the bike I have wanted for 40 years, an Electra Glide.

My first bike is my only a 2004 RK ..with 42,000 plus problems...but did the preventive maintance...but do change oil every 2500 miles instead of @ 5000 per the book...and I used Mobil 1 V-Twin Synthetic oil....Royal purple for transmission...and the Harley chain oil...Good Luck to yah.
I bought an 07 roadglide this past summer(and this is my first harley)I put 6500km (about 4000 miles)on it; except for a couple of minor issues (which was repaired at no cost under warranty)it's been a great ride and experience.The sixth gear is great for those long rides on the highway.The only drag is putting it away for the winter when spring is sooo far away!