How many miles on your TC 88 or 96 ?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 455gto, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. 455gto

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    How long can they go "assuming" they're riden with some kind of sense and respect before major work is required?
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    Mine's hanging in there great with 5100 miles.

    Oh, I guess you were looking for slightly larger numbers, eh? :D
  3. glider

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    The MoCo once said that the TC was tested for hundreds of thousands of miles before being released to the public but still there are design problems that keep popping up with various parts. I guess this can be added to the "they all do" that list.
  4. STEVE07

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    I know this won't help but mine has 23,000mls. no problems My buddy Dave has 8,000 and his has come apart twice and I have another friend who bought an 06 ultra and has taken a 2yr. sabbatical to travel He has 75,000 now and going strong.
  5. Mattman4403

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    On my 88 I had the cam chain redone at 30,000 put another 21,000 on it with no problems. Traded for an 08 and have 8800 on that one.
  6. 09ultra

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    I will never be fortunate enough to mile out my ride. From what I have seen over the years, if you pull decent maintenance like you should, you should get no less than 75K, most likely more out of a modern HD. It seems that the more you ride the more trouble free mile you realize. If you are lucky enough to say put on 20K per year in 5 years I would not at all be surprised to see 100K with none other than expected repairs. (tires, battery, drive belt, ect.) On the other hand, if you are like most of us, unfortunately 100K will last longer than we will. It almost seems like time plays a factor. In other words, I get to ride about 5K a year. I fully expect to replace my ride prior to 100K. (20 yrs) Sh*t, Now I really feel OLD!
  7. Grillfish

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    Got 96 miles on my new 09 RG and hoping it will last for a long time as I keep my bikes a long time! Traded in my 02 1200 Custom, purchased on Nov 2001, last weekend and man all I want to do now is ride the RG.

    Great web site. Ride safe!
  8. rbmount

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    my '99 rkc has 57k miles with no problems, except a wire to a fuel injector broke last summer.
  9. Classynomad

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    I have 39k on my '04 TC with Stage 1 burn and White Bros true duals, I keep up on my PM's(periodic maintenance intervals), and have had no problems. Haven't dynoed, but it'll raise an eyebrow on the owner of smaller, lighter models with an A-model 88", and I average about 42mpg in a profile of about 35% moderate city riding vs. a balance of open country roads and interstates at speeds ranging between 55-80mph. I do this with a 5', 100# backseat and all our gear for weekend getaways including heavy items like chaps, jackets, shoes, a laptop computer in a bag and, ultimately, the several hundred dollars worth of merchandise we bring home(some strapped to the rack) every time she(we, lmao) get near an HD store or other road-gear vendors.

    I imagine that if I took a longer interstate trip the mileage figure would be higher, but we stick to our region due to work/school constraints and do a fair amount of weekend rides, poker runs, etc. Additionally, I am on the scoot 99% of the time nowadays. It originated with the onset of the highest fuel prices last year and now that they've come down, I feel like i have an opportunity to recoup some gas-bucks(I have a super-clean P-71 Crown Vic with a gasaholic demeanor).

    I might add that I sold my Peterbilt earlier this year after 25 years of trucking, and since the beginning of October '08, I've put about 10k on the bike under myriad conditions- hot/cold, wet/dry, high-temp traffic situations- you name it. This bike continues to perform reliably and flawlessly, but I can't over-emphasize the importance of changing fluids and filters and drawing the line where conditions would begin to be considered "extreme" with regard to the big enemy, Heat. Also, it wouldn't hurt to be aware of some service/recall items, specifically the outboard camshaft bearings on the earlier 88's which originated as and inferior application of bearing type, and which has been rectified by a fix that includes roller bearings that withstand radial and axial loading on that end of the shafts much better than the initial design, which was fraught with failures.

    If a motor has inherent design issues, there is always a lurking possibility of an unanticipated failure, but we all know that diligent adherence to specific recommended service intervals will, in most cases, yield the performance and longevity we all have come to expect from the MoCo in this generation of motors. I have been very pleased with mine.

    Happy Motorin'!

  10. The4opps1

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    71,000 on my '99 Ultra and going strong. Nothing major done to the bike. Regular oil changes and driven sensibly. Will look at the cam tensioners this spring and go the baisley spring route for the bypass.