How many miles is too much?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by ImaRider, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. ImaRider

    ImaRider Active Member

    Looking at buying a bike with about 25K on the speedometer. Never bought a used bike with that many miles before and would like to know if that is too many?
    Would I be looking at problems early on my ownership? (bearings, crank runout, belt, steering head,) Not knowing how the previous owner took care of it makes me leery but the price is good.
  2. Bodeen

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    Year and model would be good info for accurate info.
  3. atm33

    atm33 Active Member

    Perhaps have a mechanic take a look before you buy?
  4. Jennmarr

    Jennmarr Junior Member

    I guess everyone will have a different idea of what "high mileage" is on a motorcycle, but in my world 25k is is just a little more than one average riding season.
    As far as specific things you need to look at, as already mentioned, it is hard to advise you without knowing the year and the model.
  5. dbmg

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    More info about bike would help. Mileage is not all that important. 25k of burn outs and abuse regardless of how old bike is would be worse than like Jennmarr stated riding 25k per year and touring. Let you gut be a guide and do not get caught up in the emotion of the bike.:small3d011:
  6. Billbo

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    I dont think anyone can give an answer that will totally make you comfortable with any used bike. Me - I bought a Heritage that was about 7 years old with ~47K miles. The bike really LOOKED good and rode and drove good as well - I bought it. Have had no problems but 'normal' wear and tear - loved the bike and still do. Last year I bought a Road King that was 3 years old (2011) but only had 18K miles. I thought that was very low miles and that bike looked and ran good - I bought it.

    Just me speaking here now - I am NOT retired yet, work everyday and actually do not put a ton of miles on either bike. My wife and I take off on weekends just to go off and have a nice ride and meal and return home. Sometimes it's an overnite trip maybe 500 miles round trip. I'm talking about maybe 5K miles or less per year. At that rate, you would ride and wash and wax that bike for 5-6 more years before it had 50K miles on it - AND that is where I bought the Heritage. So I think a good Harley thats taken care of will last many years and miles. Having said all that - I guess it's always some gamble involved in buying anything USED. But you will save lots of money up front anyway and you just might get a GEM!

  7. ImaRider

    ImaRider Active Member

    Sorry got distracted when I made the post and forgot more info.
    Bike is actually a tri glide, don't know the year yet think it is an '11.
  8. Dswartz

    Dswartz Active Member

    I say 25k is barely broken in. Sure some things might break but fixing it is all part of the fun if you ask me. At any rate 25k is nowhere even close to the lifespan of any bike.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I'd agree with Dswartz First statement and the Last on....FUN? I don't know about that one And in between ? :p

    Not many miles at all... I'd Rather buy a bike that has been Ridden than SITTING...

    I have 93,000 miles on my 09 (bought late in the season Just when the 10's came out) with Little in Problems along the way. Many with 25,000 miles are trouble free... Ask the owner what has been done so far.?..

    Good Luck with the New Ride IF you get it.

  10. ImaRider

    ImaRider Active Member

    I ended up buying a 2013 tri glide with only 4K miles on it and warranty until next year from another dealer.