How Long?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by hd4evr, May 13, 2010.

  1. hd4evr

    hd4evr Banned

    Simple long do you usually keep a bike? How long are you planning on keeping the one you have now, and how many miles/old is it?
  2. Jdsmitty10

    Jdsmitty10 Active Member

    First bike, bought used last spring with 7200 miles. I will probably keep it a long time since harley makes nothing that catches my eye right now.. plus, performance machine wheels in the near future..

    07 deuce w/ 9700 miles
  3. robermv32

    robermv32 Active Member

    Let's see, I'm on my 7th bike. Pick up my 2010 Street Glide Saturday. I traded my 2008 FXSTC in with 25,330 miles on it. At 61 years of age I might make this one my last....unless something comes along that catches my eye. I don't buy one planning on having it for just so long....The idea of a touring bike just seemed right at this stage so I jumped. If you're going to trade up, keep the milage in mind...the dealers aren't happy with high milage bikes.
  4. ultrat

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    got my 09 last Aug. 10 + years or more ill have it. still got my 93 had it since 2000 built from a wreck, lot of me in it looking back i keep mine long time. with today's economy u got to give em away....
  5. hogrotten

    hogrotten Junior Member

    Bought my first harley Oct. 2006 (ELECTRA GLIDE STANDARD) (actually the wife bought it for me :D)at the age of 42, traded it in Feb. 2008 for an Anniversary model FLHX. This will be the one I keep till death do we part!!

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Well, I keep it as long as the stable did not get over 3 bikes...this is the longest time since the mid 90's that I didn' down to 1 motorcycle and 1 scooter...I can only hope whatever Hobbit had when he was down to "1" is a bit "contagious"...a second ride would be...NICE...:newsmile040: feel an itch coming on...!
  7. Aerodawg

    Aerodawg Member

    At least 8 yrs cause of financing :D, but if this bike holds up I will proablly keep it for many years after that, I just love this fat boy lo. And im not into buying things just because something newer is out there. If something comes along its really gonna have to have me ogling it:newsmile061:, took me a year before I committed to the fatboy, that fatbob kept me coming back all year but the Lo got my money in the end.
  8. NZPacer

    NZPacer Member

    I planned to keep my 07 Deuce forever. First Harley I'd ever bought...... Purchased it brand new......sent it to the USA from NZ for 7 weeks of heaven.....all up we did 53000 kms together and I'd mouthed off many times about a life long partnership......

    But......met a wonderful woman and she loves riding together and I'd become quite keen on Street Glides while I was in the miserable day's riding into a strong head wind while recovering from food poisoning and I'd ordered the Street Glide before the week was over.

    Told the new owner of my Deuce that I needed first refusal if/when he ever wants to sell it though! Might be able to afford 2 scoots by then :)
  9. LilMan

    LilMan Member

    Last bike I kept for 11 years and see the new Ultra sticking around for at least that long.
  10. Iceman24

    Iceman24 Well-Known Member

    I'll hang onto a scoot until I see something better come along (new design, features, performance). My wife says I have to keep this bike till :x

    I have a 09 FLHX and this might be the bike I take to my grave - only going on 1K miles, but our riding season's finally here!!!