How heavy?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by orangewing, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. orangewing

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    How heavy are most of these types of bikes? I would really like to have one of these bikes but I am not sure that I would be able to deal with its weight since I have always driven just a regular Harley that weights maybe about 400 or so pounds.
  2. whitewheels

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    Depend on types what you mean,if we speak about FHLTC-Electra Glide Classic (this is my favourite :) touring bike) this bike have weight about 784.0 lbs.
  3. dynamike

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    Once the bike is upright, you have to make a big mistake to be in a situation where you have to pick it up. Yeah, they're heavy, but I wouldn't let it keep you from getting one.
  4. HD4LIFE

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    I agree with dynaMike. The only way that you need to worry about how much the bike weights is if you drop it and at that point you really aren't going to care how much it weighs, so I would not let the fact that these are a heavy bike keep you from at least taking a look at them.
  5. harleymom

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    From what I have seen they usually vary between 700-900 pounds depending on the specific model. Most people that I know that have one say you can’t even tell the weight unless of course (as everyone has already said) you drop it.
  6. Fearless1

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    I just went from an old 79 ironhead sporty to a 99 roadking classic a few months ago and was a little worried at first do to the weight difference but after a few weeks on the new bike I can toss it around almost as well as the sporty. The stopping distance is alot different I'm finding out though I have slid the new heavier bike a few times braking hard and never had that problem with the sporty.
  7. texastooltime

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    As said before, don't let the weight intimidate you. These big ole touring bikes are extremely well balanced with most of the weight down low, and they handle better than you think. I came off a FXD that weight about 650# and got a Road King that weighs in between 700 and 800 and took about a 100 miles or so to adjust. Biggest thing is the steering geometry is different and once you learn the feel of these you can throw them around almost like a sportster. The big ole front tire really softens the ride and makes them more forgiving if you hit a pothole or seam in the road. That is the biggest difference, the ride. Your passenger will love it!
  8. leapfreak

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    I came off an '06 - 1200 Sportster Custom to a Heritage Softail Classic. The Sportster was about 430 and the Heritage is 725 dry weight then add 40 lbs for a full tank of gas and bingo - much more weight. I'm a little guy - about 5'7" and 135 in weight and I too had misgivings about the heaviness factor, but as has been said already - a couple of hours in the saddle and all the worries go away. Just be careful at first - till you adjust - then go for it. I promise you - you won't be disappointed.
  9. dream

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    Its in the balance, all in 800 plus range you dont need to pick it up anyway
    Dreamer, RKC and lovin it
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    I'm 5'8" with a short inseam, too heavy for my height and not particularly muscular, but after getting used to my '02 RK I have no problems except when I have a passenger I have to be a bit more careful. Granted, mine was lowered by an inch or so by the previous owner but it just takes a little time and riding to get used to the size and weight of the bike. You would get familiar with it real soon.