How did this happen to me ?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by robermv32, Feb 19, 2009.

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    As gas prices were climbing out of sight last year, I remember saying to my wife, ya know, I bet a motorcycle would be a good idea about now. I mean with gas going over $4.00 a gallon and me driving a SUV that on a good day hits 16 miles a gallon. I bet those Harleys get 35mpg or better. She just nodded and went on about her business. I continued trying to instruct her in the financial benefit of getting 40 mpg as opposed to 16 and I couldn't help but throw in that when I go fishing I have to travel up and down big hills so the milage on the SUV really drops. "It could be a big savings in fuel costs, honey." "Ok." was all she said. I used to ride but that was back in the 70's and haven't since then. But I went online and looked at the models using the HD website. Man, those things are beautiful. What looked like my old 1976 FXE 1200 Superglide ? Which one ? What's this? FXSTC ! That's it !!!! So, I contacted a dealer near me ( 40 miles away ) by email and asked if they had one but it had to be red. No, but they could get one. I remembered what my wife had said so I repeated it. "OK." I put the down payment on it using a credit card and had the loan from my bank the next day. I had my wife drive me to the dealership and bingo. I owned a new fuel efficient vehicle. My wife just looked and said, "It's big." Yep, sure is, Seems bigger than my Superglide. The salesman was very helpful and asked if I had ever ridden. After my story I could see him relax. The mechanic came out and asked if "I was the guy who bought a bike without ever seeing it? " Yep, that was save money on gas.

    So now, I have a $15,000.00 loan and oh yes, a $1400 new shed to house her in. All just to save a few dollars on gas. " OK."

    My wife reminds me, every once in awhile, that I didn't really fool her. Heck I knew she was smart when I married her. But when I think about it, How did this happen to me ? Spending almost $20,000.00 without a care. As I approach 60 years of age, I wonder...

    Oh yeah, Here's my money saving fuel efficient ride.

  2. ironmark

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    Nice bike , I will bet that when you are riding the smile:D you have will be worth every penny !
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    I kinda buttered up my wife as well. It was over a period of 7 months...7 long months. It started out as "not a great idea", went to "we'll see", then went to "Well, maybe", went to "Yeah, it's pretty...", then went to "Let's see what happens in the spring", and finally to "you should get that one"

    In between a few of those quotes we're a helmet purchase, glasses and a leather jacket (which she got miffed!!!) Riding boots and finally I signed up for the Riders Edge course at the dealership.

    My wife pretty much said the same thing "I saw right through you. I'm not an idiot!" It was sooo worth it!!!!
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    That's a beautiful bike you got there - and I see you have room on the back for your very clever lady! The saddle bags for the fishing tackle are another nice and diplomatic touch :D Have many miles of smiles on it.

    p.s. you're right about it looking good in red although I'm a black and chrome fan myself
  5. drake

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    Beautiful Bike!!!
  6. STEVE07

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    Good looking bike, I hope you spend many happy hours with your new mistress!:D
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    A word from the wise. Just don't call your new ride BABY. They do get jealous. I own a 08 FatBob, so I call her a him. Bob. I was calling her Bobby, but that wasn't going over to well. So, to keep piece, my new ride is a he.
  8. M' one.

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    Great bike, you know it was worth it.:D
  9. WHM1

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    Nice story and a nice bike... I like it when the wife agrees and it's much more fun with a happy partner...
  10. bwalsh22

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    Nice bike and great way to save on fuel ;)

    I spent 8 years buttering up my wife, to the point for the last 2 years she just kept telling me to go ahead so she didn't have to hear about it anymore. Now she realizes that she has to hear about it even more that I have it now :D