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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by azza289, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. azza289

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    Had a quick look. Can't find what im looking for. 2000 FXDWG high speed cornering is (Edit). Wobbles, shakes, pipes hit the road on right side and pillion footrest bracket hits on left side. Has fork brace, 8500 miles. I want to get the most out of this bikes handling. Considering raising suspension, Progressive springs and race tech emulators. Want to set this bike up for highspeed cornering on tight turns. Advice from people who have done mods for this purpose appreciated.

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  2. Admiral Nelson

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    Have to say you are possibly on the wrong bike my friend. Good luck. :D
  3. HDDon

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    Before you buy a lot of stuff you moght try different tires with a higher load rating and stiffer sidwalls. I found that Avon Venom with H rating made my softail handle a lot better. But an earlier poster may be right, you might be on the wrong bike.
  4. tcspannerwrench

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    tire and shock upgrades may help but i wonder about your riding experience as in did you just switch from crotch rockets or a new rider? my first trip to Deals Gap NC i didn’t to real well in the curves like i thought i would. i came home and did some research and lots of practice and my next trip i was much better. i aint knocking you just asking
  5. SledDog

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    Ducati or MV...
  6. Mad Dog Jim

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    These low heavy bikes will corner without dragging parts, it just takes a little work and understanding physics. But, they won't ever be grand prix winners.
  7. DanielB

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    I installed a True Track on my wide glide and its made a big improvement but I don't expect it to perform like a crotch rocket.
  8. ultra...good

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    +1 You might be able to get it to stop scraping the pipes and pegs, but it sounds like you are going a little ballistic on the thing. You paid for it, and its yours so do as you will, but you might waht to look at a Buell, Ducatti, or I've heard a rumor that there are some Japanese models that are built for cornering.................
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    I know reading suggestions like, look at another bike or a Dyna isn't a SS bike etc. isn't what you're looking for. :(:(

    I've see some modified Dyna/FXRs that are awesome but, they still don't make for canyon carvers. You can get out there and take those high speed corners without scraping those bits too much but, you'll have to adjust your body position to compensate.

    It's a dream to have a bike that does it all but, in reality you sometimes need to look for an alternative. A Buell can be found at reasonable cost that will corner like no one's business. Then have the Dyna for touring and cruising.

    A wise member hear that rides his bikes pretty fast and has had many different styles might chime in with his experience. Don't remember a wide glide but, he had a Dyna and a few Sporty's and he's onto a FB now with floor boards. I wonder how long before those floor boards have some scrapes? :D
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    The fact that you are dragging all the listed componets you are already riding harder than bike is able. 1st I would recommend slow down before you get hurt. Something is going to touch down jam into road and send you airborne.
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