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Hello All:D

Has anyone used a hidden antenna on your ride? do they work? if so, what brand is best and where buy it?

I took advantage of the forum discount and ordered a set of fairing speakers for my EGC. :s
Since I have to take the fairing out to install them I would like to install a hidden antenna because my next mod is the tour pak detach kit.:yes

any input will be appreciated:51:

Hello Glider:D

Thanks for the fast reply:p

Neat, I haven't seen this style of hidden antennas, after reading they info looks like the its the one.
Am also getting one for my boat:bigsmiley23:
Have you checked the radio for the antenna trimmer? Changing antennas to another type should be trimmed before you button it up.

It's usually a small hole with a screw located below the tuner knob somewhere, some radios have it on the back near the antenna plug.
You turn slowly left and right with the radio tuned to a very weak station and you stop when the signal is the strongest.
Bother in law has hidden antenna on his SG. When we ride long after his will not recieve stations mine is still working. AM station are lost quickly with the hidden. But thats m what I have seen with them. other my see it differently.

Hello Smitty901,:)

Thank you for you input, I guess it's normal for AM stations be to crappy with hidden antennas.
Am going to the dealer today to see what the antenna relo kit looks like on a bike. Maybe pick up a few other goodies.:reyes

You mean someone actually still listens to AM radio?

Actually no sleep loss due to no AM reception! :D just is good to have more options.

I have XM radio for about 2 years now, I was planning on installing it on the bike eventually.

Hello RicanGlider
Careful on the goodies shoping trip. Sometimes I think the extras cost me more than my bikes :).

Thank you for the warning,:s I know what you mean, I loss my mind when I had my V-Rod. No damage done today! I want to save some money for a less sofa looking seat.:p
I have a 96 FLHTCI and put a detachable rack on and purchased a hidden antenna off of EBAY. I can't wait to get the antenna installed and see how well it work. A friend of mine has one and his works great. Not sure which one he purchased. I will be happy if it works in town, mostly, I will be using my MP3 when out on the hwy.
Hello ToWhlRidr:D

I hope it work out for you, I think am going with the one Glider recommended, its almost a full size antenna, so it should be pretty good as compared to a small box.
I might order it tonight, I want to install my new speakers and the antenna at the same time since am having the fairing out.

I got an email from Pez today, the speakers were shipped out.:skipping
I also order speakers from J&M Corp and received them a couple of days ago. Unfortuately, I don't have a heated garage and the temp is down around the teens and the single digits. Looks like I won't get them installed for awhile.