Hi guys new here. Looking for advice.

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  1. Hi all , just bought my first Harley. Got a 2009 sporty 1200c. I'm finding that all goes well on a nice curvey rd, 100ks or 60mph and then it just won't pull down on a bend. Really feel in the flow then just can't get it down. I think I'm looking through the corner ? Any suggestions are welcome. Don't need a head on crash, might spoil my day.
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    I'm guessing "won't pull down" means won't lean ? Without knowing you riding skill level, it's impossible to diagnose. Sportster's are good handling bikes, maybe have it checked over to make sure everything is tight and in alignment. Remember don't turn the handlebars into the curve, push left= go left, push right = go right.
    P.S. Just remembered, if the rear shocks have been changed to lower the bike, it will make it slower handling in curves.
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    Take a riding course, it worth it for new riders. I believe an advance course is available as well.
    Welcome to HDT from sunny AZ.
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    Welcome aboard, glad to have you here!
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    Good advice from Pete on this, be sure to lean, as mentioned don't push the bars, Sportsters are top heavy in comparison to other models so go easy until you have the feel mastered, you should always be looking ahead of where you want to go.
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    I agree on looking into a riding skills course. Thinking of doing one myself. Starting as a beginner and see what I can learn, like kick stand always down when filling tank.
    Are the tires the right size? There is a sticker on the front of the frame for size and air pressure.
    Sometimes when mine felt heavy or not responsive I found the front was low on air.
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    You gotta lean a little harder on a Sporty.Take it slow,you'll get it.They are top heavy as heck.And haven't a great lean angle,you'll be touchin down before you know it. 18654_1161528087807_305780_n.jpg
  8. Awesome response thanks all. I like the idea of a advanced riding skills course. I must just need to put more effort into leaning on entry.
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    Welcome to the forum from scotland
    You shouldnt have to lean much on any corner all you have to do is very slight push on the handlebar on the side you want to lean to as the front tyre then bites more on that side and the bike goes over this should be a very light push
    Try first on a straight bit of road and get the feel for how little effort is required to make the bike move off a straight line this tecnique is called reverse steering as the bike turns the opposite direction from the bars remember very slight movement required

  10. Thanks Brian, just feels so different to the sports bikes of my past. I'll go for a run this arvo and experiment a bit with suggestions made here. All input is good input. Thanks to all from Lake Macquarie, NSW Australia .