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Discussion in 'FXR Models' started by Pete71, May 2, 2016.

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    I cant figure it out why my bike starts to chake/vibrate when its getting warm, as cold it runs great, It starts whith no problems even warm , Any idea´s ?
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    Good point Bernie, Pete71, could you enlighten us if you got the other issues resolved.
    After members give advice it's nice to hear back from the poster what the fix was and if advice given was helpful.

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    There is a difference between "shake" and "vibrate" when talking about the rubber mount engines like FXR, Dyna, and Touring. At idle they shake because they sit on rubber biscuits. Underway there should be no vibration (buzz) in the handlebars or pegs. If you notice it more when warm, maybe because the rubber mounts get softer when warm and allow more shake. The exhaust system on rubber mount bikes should not touch the frame anywhere.
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    The Bike runs good when warm same way as cold but when warmed up the handlebars/pegs vibrate hard, excemple when is stay at red light, i can bearly hold my hand on clutch handle when engine idle and when i drive on, my feet and arms vibrate to much .It´s like somthing is unbalanced when warm. The Exhaust aint mounted anywhere except on the cylinders. Got a SS Shorty Super E carburator that i had to clean completly to get any fuel in it (was full of White dust) as far im looking i cant find any leaks anywhere.This is a Rubber mounted FXR so i have to check the rubbers condition today.Then i found a new problem,the Bolts that is on the engine (2 Bolts) holding the gearbox mountingplate, one of them is broken and cant get the remaining stump of,under the plate is a Nut but aint loosening up and from upabow i cant hit ,theres no room to get any tools.
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    Check your upper motor mount
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    i just went for a run and checked the mounts ,seems that the rubbermount infront seems to be damaged, the upper one was fine, but i will order all at ones