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    OK guys I need some help, here’s the skinny. I have a 2002 FXST (carb). I am the original owner. I have the S&S IST ignition system, S&S carb, Vance and Hines Big Radius exhaust ( without baffles ). This past winter installed the gear drive kit with Andrews 37 cam, Feuling oil pump, lifters and cam plate, also adjustable push rods. Well the problem started with my bike blowing the accessory fuse, looked and looked and found that a wire had rubbed a small hole, where the wire from inside the handle bars comes out in the center of bars. Taped it and put some sheathing on it and that stopped the fuse from blowing again. I also replaced the horn and bought a new battery,( $130.00 for battery…..
    (EDIT) !!!). Now a couple of years ago I hard wired the garage door opener to the high beam indicator light, so when I pull up all I do is flash my high beam and garage door opens. Well here goes, My check engine light came on, bike ran and sounded
    . Speedometer seemed to be off or maybe it’s in my head but it seems to register about 5-8 mph for a second when I’m actually stopped. Did some reading on this and thought maybe I need a speed sensor, so I bought one, installed it, cleared the code by doing the run off switch 50 times but the light came back on. I hate bringing bike to stealership in fact this will be the first time if we can’t figure this out. Sorry for such a long read, but I wanted to make sure you guys had all the facts. Help!!!!!!!!!
    Please read this...
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    Come on guys, really? 96 people read this and not one educated guess to help a guy out? Instead I get a reminder about language? Wow, pretty sad.
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    have u tried it with you garage door opener disconnected...only thing i can think of.

    a few of those 96 posts are mine, i want to see how it was getting solved
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    What code did it register and is the bike still running and sounding bad? If so give a description of how.

    Also you state it was a couple years ago you hardwired the garage door opener. Did it start acting up right after that?
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    Did you happen to read the codes before clearing them out. That would be a good place to start.
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    You're correct, it's pretty sad that you can't express yourself with out language.
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    I don't see an IST ignition listed for a 2002. Take a look at this link. Which one do you have.
    Since it's a carb bike, the error code must be ignition related. It must use a map sensor for spark advance. The error code may even be erroneous since the ignition system is no longer HD. Need instruction manual for ignition to know for sure.

    Pick the one you have if it's listed:
    S&S Cycle | Ignition Systems
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    That's a nice lookun bike qbert. Record the codes next time and report them back to Hoople. He is one of the best troubleshooters at this stuff I've seen.
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    Now that's what I'm talking about!!! In no particular order, I believe the IST that I have is the first one listed (51-1136). I got it when it first came out after reading a few articles on how it would advance and or retard your timing on the fly. If I had to guess I've had it since about 2004-2005. No the trouble didn't start right after I did the garage door opener thing. Did that about two years ago, I got the idea from guys adding another odometer switch on the other side of the existing one and using that switch to open their garages. Now for the code.....not too sure on how to get that on my own, I read the write ups on it and don't really understand how to...jump? the two pins? Picture is indeed worth a thousand words.......And speaking of words I don't know if glider was making fun of me for using non clean words to express myself, let me clear this up, nip it in the bud if you will. Words I used, in my book, were not that rhymed with ham but put a d in front and the other rhymed with sappy but put a cr in front. Those are horrible words to use........give me a break. Guess some people enjoy flexing their imaginary muscles. Puhing 50 and still being told what to say or how to say it, go figure.