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Help! 37 miles and it won't start!!

I just picked up a 2007 Sporster 1200C on Monday, went for my first 37 miles yesterday, and today it wouldn't start. It starts, but misses, it is getting the fuel that the fuel injection is providing, but that sounds like it. She has a full tank less 37 miles! Has anyone had this problem? All lines, sparks, and connections have been checked.
I don't even know what to do until I talk to the dealer tomorrow, but I am freaking out! Any help is appreciated.
so are you saying that it turns over and just won't start, or when you hit the start button it doesn't do anything. if it's the second one then try making sure all the simple things are covered, engine run on, key turned. Maybe it's a loose ground, or loose battery cable, something simple like that too.
If it starts and sputters, you must have spark and I would look for a fuel problem. I would suspect either bad gas or some water in the tank. Possibility of a bad sensor next. I assume with 37 miles, you haven't washed it yet?
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I thought there may be some water involved in this situation somewhere.

Water is the major contributor to the problems on these bikes in many instances. While it it true that they were built with riding in the rain to be a factor, quite often when you wash a bike, you get water in connectors and switches and have problems with the directionals, horn, and various other parts due to the water getting in places where it shouldn't be.

When a bike is washed and to avoid problems, I try to stay below the level of the bottom of the gas tank with the hose. Neutral switches are susceptible to infiltration of water and will give you many gears with the neutral light lit when it shouldn't be.

Park the bike out in the sunshine and try starting it again after a few hours.If you have access to an air compressor or a shop vac, try blowing some air around the switches and connectors to see if it helps. Let us know the outcome.:s
I wish that was the solution, but I brought it home, (in the rain) on Monday, rode 30 miles on Tuesday, everything was fine, and on Wednesday no start. At this point it is hopfully just a loose connection in the wiring somewhere that I missed. It is going to the dealer later, lets hope for a quick fix!
Thanks for everyone's help. It is much appreciated! I will let you know what it was.
Check your fuseblock. I had the same thing with my 2007. The factory didn't seal the fuseblock with dielectric grease and my relays had corrosion under them. I would keep up on that if you ride in the rain. I pull all my fuses and relays after my bike gets wet. I took pictures of this and you would be amazed. Haven't seen any corrosion after sealing, (can be bought at your dealer). I have several posts about this problem back in Feb. & March. Other Sportster buyers have had this symptom also. Have the dealer replace those relays if you fine ANY problem in there.:reyes