Helmet/Visor suggestions from those that wear them..

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  1. Porter

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    This may seem strange, but I am just looking for some opinions or ideas.

    I have a HD modular, full face helment. As summer is approaching and the weather is warm, I prefer to ride with the clear lexan visor open. The problem is that in the wind, the clear visor won't stay open. Any ideas on how I can latch the visor open and keep it open?

    I keep thinking about getting a 3/4 open face helmet for the summer, but I really like the full face design for additional safety, for comfort in the rain and better protection from bugs/stones etc. Opening the visor is enough air to make riding in 85-95F temps bearable.

    Ultimately I am looking for a full face helmet that can be closed up in the winter and REALLY vented in the summer. The helmet I have has a vent in the front of the chin and a pop up vent on the top, but they really don't do that much in the summer for cooling and make a good bit of noise.

    If if comes down to buying a new, better vented helmet, I am open to suggestions. To me, helmets are tough because you can't test them unless you buy them. Thanks in advance!
  2. ultrat

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    I got a nolan 102 man changed design. 103 now. i am not a fan of full face ,except for rain or really cold. but visor stays op. i have found many that do not seal well at top. i have an hjc that works good to but not a modular. went in to h/d dealer i asked the saleslady how does your ff helmets stop the rain from getting behind the shield there is a gap between shield & helmet its-self. she looks at me and said put it on & see how u look in it there is a mirror over there ? after all this there is usually 2 or 3 screws behind shield attachment for tension. both of these have good venting..
  3. bwalsh22

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    Not sure which one you have, but I have the stealth flame modular helmet (By Category | Harley-Davidson USA)

    For me I am much like you and ride with the visor open, never had any problems with it closing on me, locks up top pretty easily, and a lot of times I ride with the front up entirely in slow moving areas, also with no issue.

    You may want to make sure none of the plastic nobs are all ok, as it may just be a need for a new visor.

    As for airflow if you have a different one then mine. I have much the same problem, so now with temperatures getting up over 80, I have switched back to my HJC 3/4 helmet for the summer, and the occasional HD 1/2 helmet for a short ride (even though I originally swore I would not use that one, just got it from the guy I bought the bike from). In general, I really like the 3/4 helmet, it provides most of the protection (of course not as good as the full), plenty of air flow, and I have a full screen visor so I can wear my normal glasses when the sun is not shining in the morning.
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  4. 09RKC

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    I have a 3/4, the Fulmer AF 9B. I was worried about the wind catching it if I tilted back too far so I keep my head slightly down and it stays up just fine.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Spare 1/2 helmet has a snap in visor, also have full face helmet for winter riding....
  6. olbill

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    I have one of the new 3 way Shark helmet's and love it! i also have Showe modular and i like the Shark better.

  7. Scrounger

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    The new Shark helmet is supposed to be a cats meow with it being both a full face and convertible to a 3/4 helmet with a nice visor and sun shield built in. I would look at one of them before buying anything else. The second helmet can be a pain if you are on a trip and get caught in really bad weather. Being able to convert back to a full face for the weather protection is a real bonus.
  8. 01dynaglide

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    One of my 1/2 helmets has a snap on visor that i have taken off. I have a snap on faceshield that I put on when it rains or is below 35 degrees.
  9. Porter

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    Thanks for input on the Shark helmets. I have never heard of them and I am going to check the Evoline out. That looks to be exactly what I am looking for and there is a cycle dealer relatively close to me that is a Shark Dealer.
  10. BigDog1954

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    I wear a Vega XTS 1/2 helmet and a Paulson Vista Visor. The Vista Visor is a half visor that will keep rain and bugs out while keeping plenty of air to stay cooler.