HD Tech Cut Illumabezel Wiring Harness

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by ironmark, Jan 30, 2010.

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    Took the RG in to the HD Dealer for some work in the last part of Nov . I have a Illumabezel on the bike and I told the sevice manager "that if the tech needed to take off the outer fairing that he would have to unplug the illumabezel" , which the service manager wrote that statement on the repair order which I have a copy of . I just took the outer fairing off yesterday and to my surprise the illumabezel wiring harness was cut & repaired with spade connectors . This is the direct result of a HD Tech not reading the R/O or being just plain stupid IMO

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    not unheard of no matter the vehicle type or dealer. They sometimes just dont take the time to deal with the "unusual"...I have no idea why they would go through all the trouble to cut and then create connectors for something that clearly disconnected but most likely it was a case of dunno/doncare.

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    What is an "illumabezel"?
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    You have to pop off the illumabezel from the outer fairing to unplug it , the illumabezel comes off just like the stock HD - RG headlight bezel , then when the outer fairing is removed to the point of unpluging the headlights you pull the wires back through the the fairing & if the tech does not unplug the bezel that way he can follow the harness & unplug it at the directional signals . And a HD Tech should not just start cutting wires if he does not know what he is cutting & also the R/O plainly states the the illumabezel has to be unplugged and that should have been a big clue . I have lost my faith in the HD Tech , if HD dealers are hiring people that dunno/doncare then shame on them & the MOCO should be able to take away the techs HD tech certs . I am still mad but I am done venting .

    The Road Glide has a plastic cover over the headlights , the Illumabezell is a aftermarket part that replaces the plastic cover , mine is chrome & has a smoke lens & it has turn signals & running lights built in & it cost $200 .
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    It looks like they used the heat shrink type connecter there water proof and very strong. but they should have disconnected it at the plug:bigsmiley29:
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    Thats why the dealer/tech/HACK don't touch my bikes, I do the work myself.:s
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    If you have any mechanical ability, Buy the service manuals and do everything yourself. You will always know it was done correctly.

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    Reflecting others thoughts I agree that tech ignorance was involved. Did the Illumabezel come with instructions? If I install aftermarket items, I keep hard copies of the Installation Instructions in with my large manilla envelop and if provide a scan copy if it is tricky for the dealer. :s

    Yeah, techs do hack things when they don't understand and since they are "on the clock", do rush things. I had small custom clear plastic shields and boots to protect the fuse block and insulate terminals (chrome metal side covers over the electrics don't mix) but the tech pitched them anyway. Told the Service Writer, he "said" he would check the area, but naturally they were gone (I did insist that they return all parts replaced, but the "peripheral damage was done". :(
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    I think the tech did it to make his life easier in the future. Now he just disconnects the spade connectors instead of unsnapping the bezel and the rest of the process you noted. Doesn't make it right, but I kind of understand what his logic might have been. I'd talk with the service manager and tell him you don't appreciate them making modifications to your bike w/o your permission. Just have a nice, calm, rational discussion with him.
  10. Chopper

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    srf506 I think you're confusing logic with stupidity, there were already connectors on the line, they were just too hard to fine. It is easy for me to criticize sitting at my desk, but you better believe that I would include instructions with the wash mit he would be using for the next 6 months.