HD problems/ quality?

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  1. 67hat34c

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    I am a member of a Goldwing forum and someone posted something that indicates Harley's are junk. Stated he based this on reading Harley forums and all the complaints about the qualifty or lack of quality of the bikes and all the problems.

    I own a vintage Goldwing, 82 and its a pretty good machine. Modern ones are pretty good and when i tried to find common complaints i could not find any. Harleys on the other hand??????? I can say that my 08 Heritage is a very good bike and has had no issues. Im happy with how it rides and the quality. My 08 xl1200 had some minor issues in the early years, fuel guage related and fuse box issue and leaking rocker covers but otherwise its been very good. I did put 30k miles on it and am happy with how it runs, Heavy solid ride.

    Harley chrome is ok, could be better in some areas but overall it seems good. I keep mine clean and shiney, no rust issues as other hd's i see.

    I read some of the Stickey that discusses some of this issue but have not concluded anything from that.

    Any input?
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Any thing built by man is going to have some issues IMO
    That said some have had major issues while others have not. My 07 Streetbob blew up @ 27,000 miles due to crank run out, I had ESP so I did not care. Over the years I have had very few major problems with HD I do believe alot of folks like to bash HD just because they can JMO
  3. Jeff Klarich

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    Motorcycle bashing has been going on for years, some out of truth others out of jealousy. The best motorcycle made is the 1 you're riding.:s
  4. atm33

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    What Jack said is spot-on. A lot of it is misinformation too. When I sold my Honda and bought a Harley, the guy buying my Honda made a joke about the Harley leaking oil. I had to educate him about the quality of today's HD, because he seriously that all Harleys leaked oil and broke down constantly. My experience with Japanese bikes is that they are solid machines, but they aren't problem free. Like Jack said, nothing man-made is...
  5. dbmg

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    Its all hogwash. If it is made by man there will be problems some inherent. As the saying goes if I had to explain you would not understand. I guess Harleys are so bad that's why you own two of them correct???:s
    And last but not least the internet is the bathroom wall of the world so 90% of the information is nothing more than someone's opinion and usually you will follow what works for you and forget about the rest.... :panic
  6. Amish Hawg

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    Well... I'll throw my 2 cents in here. I ride an 03 RKC........Without a second thought, I'm jumping on her and riding solo to Austin today. Complete faith in her and the 40k miles I put on her since I had her.

    Chrome? shop around, good stuff is out there at a low cost.

    I know at least 30 HD riders in my immediate area and a boat load more that I don't know. The vast majority being '11 and newer. Not one that I know has had an issue. Upgrades, yes...issues no. I'm the dinosaur of the group. I digress....

    My perception of this forum and its purpose, is for Bikers helping Bikers, so of course, one will see "all of the problems" HD riders are having. They come here for HELP. On occasion, one will see a post about a nice ride, but not often. Of course these other riders come on the Best Site on the Interweb and see problems, that's what we are all here for.....helping each other. Like I said, I'm heading to Austin today....I'm not going to post on here " I'm going to Austin today, life is grand!!!" Out of 80,000 members and countless guests, ,look at the time stamps of the problems.....calculate.....not many.

    My thoughts on "the others" claiming that Harley's are junk: To each his own...If a Honda rider or even a Benelli rider thinks Harley is trash.......don't buy one. problem solved. Not rocket science. Just get on yer scoot and ride. I also must note, if you only put 50 miles a month on your bike, you wont see many issues.

    Yep - overpriced. But then again so is my Taurus. Trash? Naw......without a second thought, I'm jumping on my '03 and rolling.

    Some GW's think Harley's are trash, I think GW's need to put doors on them and roll the windows up..:D...big deal, to each his own.
  7. dbmg

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    I believe that's called a Accord.........
  8. STEVE07

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    I just went on the Goldwing owners forum and read down a lot of threads discussing everything from oil and coolant leaks to rear brakes not working and reverse motors going bad. I guess they aren't any better than anything else.
  9. Bodeen

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    Hopefully he stays on the Goldwing forum IMO! Just sayin....
  10. Jeff Klarich

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    Not bashing Goldwings but Jack and I have a friend back in Minnesota and everytime he takes it to the shop it's there for weeks before he gets it back.

    Maybe because it takes a full day to take off all the plastic before you can work on the problem.:(