HD makes XR1200 Sporty for EUROPE ONLY!!

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    Well folks, it's starting....

    This months Cycle World did a review a new Sportster HD is producing for the European market ONLY! We will not see it in the states!

    The European dealers have been screaming for this model so they can compete will the other manufactures "naked sport bikes" And Harley is giving them what they want... Here's link to an older article. The info in the magazine will be available on-line in a couple of weeks.
    Cycle World - Shown in Cologne

    Here's some info:
    PRICE: 9495 (Euros) (14,676 US Dollars)
    Compression ratio: 10.0:1
    Valve Train: OHV, 2 valves
    Fuel Injected
    Weight - Tank Full- 590lbs
    Seat Height; 31.4"
    HP: 79.2 @ 7000 RPM
    Torque: 70.4 @ 3550 RPM
    Front Suspension: Showa 43mm Inverted and adjustable
    Front Tire: Dunlop Qualifier 120/70ZR18
    Rear Tired: Dunlop Qualifier 180/55ZR17
    Dual Front Brakes: Dual Disk, Nissin 4 piston Calipers w/ 292mm discs
    Factory oil cooler
    It has a more "rear set" style of pegs and foot controls.

    The 3 of the Cycle World editors tested this bike and said it has the best brakes on a Harley. The best handling Harley ever made. It has the performance a Sportster should. And it could be the best Harley ever made. They all loved it. This is unusual for the guys at Cycle World. This is a Sporty I'd love to have in the garage.

    I guess US riders don't deserve a Sportster of this caliber.

    If you thought HD was more interested in it's US customers than the Europeans, think again... HD thinks it won't sell in the US, so they won't be marketing it here. But their going to produce it!

    I think this is sign of things to come. Harley building special bikes for other markets and not selling them in the US... How long will it be before they start building these European only bikes in Europe. And how soon after that will they building bikes for US market overseas instead of building them in the US. It could happen...
  2. Crazyfrog

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    Wow, I would snag one of those in a heart beat!
    I have been looking at some Buels as a second bike, but that is awesome!
  3. hungryeye

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    I have been following the XR1200 progression for a while. 2 weeks ago I bought something from a guy who works at an un named HD test facillity. I met him at his work to p/u my stuff. I saw a XR in the test lineup. I asked him about anything really new for 09 besides a differant paint and handlebar.
    He said they are producing a factory FLH trike and the new XR1200. I know this bike is already on the roads in Europe for about 2 months. I hope he is right about the XR anyway. It will need to be priced under 10K to be competitive with Duc Monster, FZ1, Bandit, Z1000, 919 etc. I will surely have one as soon as a used one is available, I don't play the HD dealer price game.
  4. The Bad Man's Angel

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    I'll just build my own but without the flat trackish rear fender
  5. xelsix

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    ... I have bought my one one week ago after comparing it with different bikes. For me the brand was not so important - I only wanted to have a bike with a powerful 2 cylinder engine full of character.

    So I rode first the BMW R1200R which is a really nice bike with loads of power. I live aside the Black Forrest in South-Germany and there you have endless curves. I tried the BMW on my favourite route and the bike was absolutely not handy enough.
    I was used to ride these streets with different lightweight-highpower-japbikes and so the BMW disappointed me.

    Two days later I tested the HD XR1200 and I was absolutely astonished. I never expected such a handy bike from HD. It was the first time I rode one but I have read so many articles about these bikes and I have heard a lot of bad oppinions - so I was pretty prejudiced.
    This all vanished as I rode the first curves with this bike. The enourmous engine hang so perfect at the throttle when I went out of the curves and then there was this fantastic torque combined with a good vibration going allthrough the bike - but not too rough.

    After 30 kilometers on this heavy but really handy bike I was so impressed, that I signed the purchase contract two days later.
    I never expected that I could leave my Yamaha for a HD - but the XR1200 made it possible. I wanted to have something with 2 cylinders and there was absolutely no match for the XR1200. BMW, Ducati and KTM had no chance. The HD is a very good bike combined with passion. Now I hope that the quality is as good as I expect it, but if there occur some problems I will ask you folks from hdtimeline.com.

    Take care

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Way back in the early '70s when HD was at the verge of going into history along with countless other Corporate motorcycle companies, it was saved by a not very well received AMF...few people realize that the money infusion kept HD afloat so it could afford to buy itself back. Curiously the money AMF put forth was towards quality, product improvement (though some terrible designs also came out during those years), BUT WAIT...a high performance XR750 and later an XR1000 were raved about during those years, BUT NOBODY IN THE USA BOUGHT THEM...and they faded into oblivion! :(

    Maybe now is the time for performance Harleys to make a comeback...only time will tell, if the Europeans buy it, HD Corporate won't be so gun shy and Harley Racing for Real may come back...anyone remember Jay Springsteen? :)
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    WOW! PRICE: 9495 (Euros) (14,676 US Dollars)

    Probably don't sell too many at that price. For a few more $$$, you can get a big twin.
  8. pete malone

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    Lots of people don't want armchair bikes !
  9. glider

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    You mean "comfortable" ones? :lolrolling
  10. pete malone

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    Yeah Comfortable Armchairs.